Try This Quick Bodyweight Cardio-Core Workout…
The Bodyweight Parfait!
Try to complete this workout as quickly as possible. Your goal should be under 25 minutes!

To do the Parfait, you will end up doing 10 rounds, adding an exercise each round.

Start with the Super Crunches. Then repeat the Super Crunches and add in the Split Squat Jumps. Then start back over with Super Crunches and do the Split Squat Jumps plus the next exercise in the series. Each round you will add an exercise until on the 10th round, you complete all 10 moves.

Do each move for the reps listed next to the exercise. Rest only as needed. Try to go as fast as possible while maintaining proper form and challenging yourself. Under 25 minutes is superstar status and hitting 20 minutes flat….well then you KILLED IT!

The Bodyweight Parfait

The Workout:

5 reps Super Crunches

10 reps per side Split Squat Jumps

5 reps Mountain Climber Push Ups

10 reps Cherry Bombs

5 reps Ski Hop Burpees

10 reps per side Side Plank Hip Dips

5 reps 3-way Squat Jumps

10 reps per side Oblique V-Ups

5 reps Jack Push Ups

20 reps Burpee Burnout

The Exercises:

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The Library became a resource for them so that they could lead a healthy lifestyle no matter where they were.

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