Stop making EXCUSES and start getting results!

Kickstart Your Workout Routine In 21 Days

A simple way to get results even if you’re short on time!

We all do it…

We make excuses.

And those excuses can make it hard to get motivated and prioritize a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore we need to find a workout routine and meal plan that helps us overcome the excuses – one that fits our crazy, busy, hectic lifestyles.

That’s why you’re here – You want to learn how to overcome the excuses and the 21-Day Kickstart includes my best workouts and recipes to help you out!

Quick workouts and a clearly laid out meal plan with recipes make this a no-hassle program that will help you get results in 21 days and build momentum and motivation to help you keep going.

The key to overcoming excuses and getting results quickly is to have something you can easily do anywhere – even when you are stressed, busy and short on time. Which is why our 21-Day Kickstart Workouts are all short, intense workouts, requiring minimal equipment and space!

You don’t have to stress yourself out and spend hours in the gym to get results and I’ll show you how 🙂

Why The Program Works

I’ve made the excuses…

Not only have I made the excuses myself, but I’ve worked with 1000s of clients who’ve all had the same struggle. And this workout routine and meal plan have gotten results!

I’ve now experimented and tested this program on clients at the gym until I came up with something that not only worked, but worked quickly. I’ve tried it with clients who were looking to lose 80lbs and clients who simply needed to get back on track after having their second child.

And the reason it works is because part of developing new habits actually means starting with something that gets you easy results quickly. Because results build momentum and help keep you motivated. Quick results means you are willing to keep working, even if it will take awhile to reach your end goal.

And 21 days is long enough to get results while seeming short enough that you have an end date and goal within reach!

Three Benefits You’ll See From The Program:

Get Stronger and Lean Down

Quick, intense workouts will help you build core and full-body strength while improving your body composition so you LOOK and FEEL BETTER!

Establish Healthy Eating Habits

A complete 21-day meal plan and easy meal prep will help you eat according to your goals and build muscle while losing fat!

Support You Every Step Of The Way

Accountability is the key to success. And I’m here, as well as the private Facebook community, to support you the entire time!

Your Coach – Cori

As I mentioned, I’ve made the excuses myself. I’m just too busy, too stressed, too tired….I’ll start Monday…It’s so easy to get caught up in day to day life and make excuses NOT TO GET STARTED. We use everything we can as an excuse. But how could I expect my clients to do something I wasn’t doing myself!?!

Which is why I originally began creating the 21-Day Kickstart. I started by testing it and sharing it with a few of my clients that were also stuck in that bad cycle of constantly making excuses that kept them from really committing to a solid program. They wanted results, but they couldn’t make the switch to CONSISTENTLY STICKING TO SOMETHING for long enough to get results or break through their plateaus.

And to my pleasure, that program not only got them results, but got them such great results that they then got their husbands and even nephews and friends on board! Check out just a few of their results below!

What Our Clients Say…

Whether you’ve hit a plateau and need something to get you moving forward again or you are looking to simply get started and overcome the excuses, our plan has helped our clients achieved results!

Here’s How You’ll Get Results

What You’ll Get…

In the 21-Day Kickstart, you’ll get a complete workout program and meal plan including:

21-Day Workout Program

Every day of the program is laid out with a fun and different QUICK workout. These workouts are designed to fit your busy schedule and help you build muscles and lose fat. The workouts are extra core-intensive as well to help you build a stronger CORE and GLUTES! And each exercise in the program is broken down so that you know how to do them no matter your fitness level!

21-Day Meal Plan

Take the thought process out of meal prep with all 21 days of food laid out for you. Eating well isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about FEELING GOOD and fueling your goals, which means not feeling deprived! The meal plan comes with easy to prepare recipes that allow you to meal prep for the entire week ahead of time. It can be hard sticking to a plan if healthy food isn’t quickly and easily available, which is why meal prep is key!

24/7 Accountability and Support

When you join the 21-Day Kickstart, you’ll get two of the most important keys to success – Accountability and Support. When you join, you’ll gain access to our Private Client Facebook group and receive 24/7 email support from me, Cori. No matter what you need, from help modifying moves, to sharing in small victories, we will be there to cheer you on!

BONUS: FREE 30-Day Elite Workout Library Trial!

And because you’ve made the commitment to overcome the excuses when you join our 21-Day Kickstart, we’ll also give you a 30-Day FREE TRIAL of our Elite Workout Library (usually $47/month).

  • If you want not only the exercise descriptions, but also video tutorials of the movements, you can find them in the library.
  • Suffering from aches and pains and want to focus on that a little bit more during your 21 days? Check out our foam rolling and injury prevention guides in the library.
  • The Library contains video courses, recipes, workouts, meal plans, follow along video workouts and more to help you not only get the most out of your 21-Day Kickstart, but also KEEP MOVING FORWARD AFTER THE CHALLENGE IS OVER!

And you get this all for FREE with your 21-Day Kickstart.

For just $1 a day, you can get the results you deserve…

For A Limited Time Only!

Get the 21-Day Kickstart for just $1/day and get leaner as you build full body strength!

We all want great results, but we don’t necessarily have the budget to spend $100s on a workout and diet program. That is why I created the 21-Day Kickstart. It takes some of my favorite workouts and recipes, that I use with my online and in-person clients, and combines them together in one easy to use program that is AFFORDABLE!

So if you’re ready to start getting results for only $1 a day, click the “Add To Cart” button below and get started working toward great results and a strong, sexy body! Join today for just $21!

P.S. The 21-Day Kickstart, tested on 1000s of clients who were struggling to overcome excuses, break through plateaus and get started just like you, will help you get quick results and build momentum so that you can reach your health and fitness goals. And when you join, I’m here to help coach you through the entire thing. If you have any questions, I’ll you have to do is email me and I’m there to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have a few questions? Let us answer them and help you get started!

Why $21? What's the catch?

We will use any excuse we can to not get started. And having to spend lots of money to buy a program is just another reason for us to quit before we even get going. That’s why this program is just $1/day.


$1 a day for 21 days won’t break the bank, BUT you still have to spend a little money…which holds you accountable.

We’ve done the free programs.

And guess what?

Lots of people join. Lots of people say they want to do it. Even lots of people do the first day….or two…

But most, think hey great I’ll get it. It’s free…There’s no risk…even if I don’t do it…

And then they never end up doing it. It just sits there. Maybe, just maybe, they do a day or two.

But free gives you an easy out to not complete the program.

That’s why this program is $21. Commit, but no excuse not to get started.

Why 21 Days?
As I mentioned before, getting results quickly helps build momentum and keep us motivated. While our overall goal may take months or even years to reach, we have to start with a small piece. Getting too focused on the end goal can make us feel overwhelmed and prevent us from ever getting started.



That’s why the program is 21 days.

It gives you a manageable amount of time that is just long enough to get real results. You can see the end date, but it doesn’t cause you to have to do any sort of crash dieting to try to get fast, unrealistic results.

And having an end date is important.

An end date gives us something to shoot for – a mini goal to achieve that gets us started. You need lots of little end dates to help you build toward your true end goal.

So 21 days will get you started. It will get you moving forward and achieving results!

(And for after, you can use the Library to keep you moving forward! Remember…you get a FREE 30-Day Trial with the 21-Day Kickstart!

What's Included With the FREE Elite Workout Library Trial?



With your 30-Day FREE Elite Workout Library Trial, you gain access to 100s of workouts, follow along video workouts, recipes, meal plans, video courses, our exercise library and all of our other e-books and progressions.

You can check everything out for free…and it’s usually $47/month!

There is no catch.

If you like it, you can continue to stay in at $47/month. With your membership, you’ll gain access to any and all new programs we come out with for FREE instead of having to purchase them separately.

But if you decide the 21-Day is enough, you can cancel the library at any time. If you cancel before your 30 days are up, you’ll never be charged…It’s that simple!

Is There A Guarantee?
Yup. All of our products have a 60-day no-questions-asked guarantee.



If you aren’t happy for any reason, you can ask for your money back and we’ll give you a 100% refund.

We don’t think it will come to that, but we want to put your mind at ease, knowing we not only believe in what we are selling, but also are dedicated to getting you results!

Limited Offer…

Just $21 TODAY!

Join today and spend just $1 a day. You’ll get my best recipes and workouts to get you results in just 21 days!

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