Struggling To Get Started?

3 Keys To Kickstart Your Diet!

The easy part is deciding you want a change. You want to lose weight, gain muscle, feel better.

The hard part?

Actually making the change.

How many times have we bought a new program or tried to start a new diet we’ve read about only to end up too intimidated and overwhelmed to even get started?

Probably more times than we’d like to admit.

Because no matter how great a program may be, if we can’t start it, we can’t reap the benefits.

And the hardest part is getting ourselves to commit and actually START it.

So here are the 3 Keys To Kickstart Your Diet that I tell my clients when they are struggling to find the actual motivation to start OR intimidated by the idea that they have to make a ton of changes.

These 3 keys will help you to make a diet change when the change just seems oh so overwhelming…

3 Keys To Kickstart Your Diet

The feeling that we need to do everything at once can often hold us back from ever getting started. It’s overwhelming and can cause us to never ever get started.

So the first thing you need to do is figure out a way you can “ease in.”

What I recommend is you start by looking at what you are currently doing. Sometimes looking at what we are currently eating can highlight the places we need to adjust first.

So Key #1…Track what you are currently doing.

I tell clients using my Macro Cycling to simply enter the first ratio 40% protein, 30% carbs, 30% fat into a meal tracker like My Fitness Pal and then eat like they normally would.

Simply track.

Don’t try to change anything.

Don’t adjust how you are eating. Don’t feel guilty.

Just track what you are currently doing so you can see what may need to change and where you are already on track.

This is an easy way to “start” that requires no conscious changes.

And the funny thing is, once you enter the ratios and start eating, you’ll start to make swaps and changes without even thinking to move you closer to the daily goals.

You’ll start to pick small things to adjust that make incremental improvements.

Which actually brings me to Key #2…Pick ONE THING to start with and focus on.

When we are thinking of starting a diet, we feel we need to change everything at once. This often makes us feel overwhelmed and not even want to start. OR it causes us to start and fall off only days later.

And often it’s because it is just too many changes at once AND we focus first on cutting things out.

The second you tell yourself you CAN’T have something, what do you start thinking about?!?


So Key #2 isn’t picking one thing necessarily to cut out. Actually, I’ve found it is much better if you think about it as ADDING THINGS IN.

I tell clients, if you’re going to focus on one thing, make that one thing protein and hitting that goal. Because often when we start focusing in on one thing, other things fall into place in response.

BUT we don’t then get overwhelmed about also changing those things – we allow them to slowly start changing on their own because we are focused in on ONE THING.

It sounds weird, but a huge part of making a change is just playing “mind games.” Giving yourself bite-sized pieces that don’t stress you out or deprive you of the foods you love, but instead help you dial things in slowly in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you’re making a colossal change!

And this all ties in with Key #3 – Sub don’t eliminate!

People will start Macro Cycling and ask, “Well what can’t I eat?”

My answer, “You can eat anything you want. Just hit the ratios.”

Too often we think that eating well means cutting out all of the foods you love.

But what it really means is that we need to find a balance between the healthy and the not-so-healthy treats we love.

Picture courtesy of one of my clients doing my 6-Week Macro Cycling Shred!

I find the best way to do this is by following the ratios and thinking of ways we can sub things in till still get to enjoy the meals we love.

For instance, I have oatmeal raisin protein cookies and protein granola I make when I’m craving a sweet treat or cereal but want to stay on track.

Or in my taco dishes, I’ll sneak in a few more ounces of chicken to boost my protein.

I’ll use greek yogurt and sweeten it myself instead of getting one that has fruit or jelly that comes with it.

This way I’m not eliminating anything. I’m simply making substitutions to help me dial everything in.

If there are recipes or foods you love, don’t cut them out when you go on a diet. Figure out ways you can tweak them to make them fit.

Sometimes you can add a few more veggies. Or sub in olive oil for a canola oil. Or maybe you need to add a bit more protein to your favorite casserole so you throw in some extra chicken or ground beef…or heck even top that taco bake with greek yogurt instead of sour cream!

Little tweaks add up AND they keep you from feeling deprived or feeling like you have to make these massive changes and cut out all of the foods you love!

So whether you are starting my Macro Cycling Shred or looking to dial in your current diet, these tips will help you get started.

Because starting truly is the hardest part!

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