Sick of your low back being sore, tired and achy?

Try These 4 Exercises To Fix Your Low Back Pain FAST!

Loosen up tight muscles and get your glutes and abs engaged and working to fix your low back pain and prevent it from returning!

If you suffer from low back pain, you’re not alone. About 80% of adults suffer from low back pain at some point in their life. But knowing you aren’t alone doesn’t really make it any better!

Low back pain is freaking annoying and uncomfortable and sometimes it can even be hard to escape the pain no matter what you do!

But these moves can not only help you alleviate the ache, but help you prevent the pain from ever returning. Use all 4 moves and see your pain subside fast!

4 Moves To Fix Low Back Pain FAST:

Exercise #1: Peanut Foam Rolling

If you want instant release, you need to roll out with a Peanut. Two tennis balls taped together will help loosen the muscles along your spine and can sometimes instantly alleviate the ache in your low back.

Place the peanut over your spine so that a ball rest on either side. Start with the Peanut right above your glutes. Lie back on the ground over the peanut. Breathe and hold. Do not try to roll. Relax fully onto the ground and even straighten your legs out straight.

Then adjust the peanut up slightly higher on your spine and relax back over. To help your back release, you can even tuck one, or both, knees into your chest before relaxing your legs back down to the ground. Work your way up your lower back with the balls digging in along your spine. Hold on any extra tight spots and just relax.

Exercise #2: Star Stretch

Especially if you have a desk job, the Star Stretch is the perfect way to release your low back, open up your chest and work on your spinal mobility to help prevent the pain from reoccurring.

To do the Star Stretch, lie on your back with your arms out straight to each side at about shoulder height. Then bend your left knee to about 90 degrees and pull it across your body. Use your right hand to press your left knee toward the ground as you keep reaching your left arm out to the side. Keep both shoulders on the ground as you twist and press your knee down.

You can also place a yoga block or foam roller on the ground below you knee. Hold and breathe, relaxing deeper into the stretch. Make sure that as you try to press the knee closer to the ground, you keep both shoulders down to really get that spinal rotation and open up your chest!

Exercise #3: Glute Bridge

Weak, inactive glutes are a key cause of low back pain. If your glutes aren’t working correctly, your low back will take over and try to do work that it can’t handle, leading to pain and injury. Low back pain is ALSO caused by tight hips.

That’s why the Glute Bridge is key to alleviating low back pain! It activates your glutes while stretching out and opening up your hips!

To do the Glute Bridge, lie on your back with your feet flat on the ground about hip-width apart. Bridge up, driving through your heels and upper back and arms. Drive your hips up as high as possible, squeezing your glutes hard as you brace your abs.

Make sure to keep your abs engaged so your low back doesn’t take over. Hold for a count then lower back down. Really squeeze your glutes hard at the top then lower and repeat.

Exercise #4: Pelvic Tilt

The Pelvic Tilt is far from the sexiest of ab exercises, BUT if you want to strengthen your abs to alleviate your back pain, the Pelvic Tilt is a MUST-DO MOVE!

Stronger abs are key to preventing low back pain, but doing a ton of planks and sit ups and crunches won’t necessarily make your abs stronger if they aren’t engaging correctly. The Pelvic Tilt though will TEACH you how to get your abs truly engaged and working.

To do the most basic level of the Pelvic Tilt, lie on your back on the ground with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. As you lie there, feel the space between your low back and the ground. Then engage your abs and press your low back down into the ground so that there is no longer that space.

Hold with your low back pressed down for a count then release. To make the Pelvic Tilt harder, you can add in knee tucks and eventually progress to straight leg lowers WITHOUT having to put your hands down behind your low back/butt!

Fix Your Pain In 10 Minutes…

We know our desk jobs are causing many of our aches and pains, but what do we do about it?

Learn the workouts that can fix your pain by spending just 10 minutes a day. Many of them you can even do right at your desk!

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