Sculpt and Activate Your Glutes With These…

4 Must-Do Bridge Exercises For Glute Activation

The key to stronger, sexier glutes? Including Bridge Exercises in your workout routine!

Bridge exercises are KEY to getting your glutes activated because they put your glutes under constant tension while opening up your hips to improve your hip extension.

Plus, bodyweight exercises actually allow most people to contract their glutes harder than heavy deadlifts and squats. That means you’ll be able to engage the muscles harder during bodyweight movements like the glute bridge!

So if you want to get your glutes activated and working properly while also making them look oh so sculpted, toned and sexy, you need to include these 4 Must-Do Bridge Exercises!

4 Must-Do Bridge Exercises For Glute Activation:

Exercise #1: Basic Glute Bridge

The Glute Bridge is a must-do activation exercise no matter your fitness level. It may seem easy. It may seem borning.

But it is the perfect way to isolate and activate those glutes because bodyweight exercises allow you to contract your glutes harder to get them activated and working properly more quickly!

Plus, glute bridges are one of the best ways to put your glutes under constant tension. And if you include a 2-count hold at the top, you’ll get those glutes really working and burning to help tone and tighten your butt. Keep your abs engaged as well to get in some extra added core work and protect your low back!

To do the Glute Bridge, lie on your back with your feet flat on the ground about hip-width apart. Bridge up, driving through your heels and upper back and arms. Drive your hips up as high as possible, squeezing your glutes hard as you brace your abs.

Hold for a 2-count then lower back down. Really squeeze your glutes hard at the top then lower and repeat. Try not to rest between reps to create that pump and keep your glutes under more tension.

Exercise #2: Frog Bridge

If you struggle to feel your glutes activating, the Frog Bridge should be your go-to move! This is one of the best ways to really get your glutes activated even if you’ve struggled to get them working in the past.

To do the Frog Bridge, lie back on the ground and place the bottoms of your feet together, letting your knees fall open as if you’re doing the butterfly stretch. Bend your elbows to 90 degrees so that only your upper arms are against the ground. You want to really drive your elbows down into the ground as you bridge up.

Then, perform the pelvic tilt and bridge up, keeping your knees open as you bridge and squeezing your glutes as you lift. Really contract them at the top and hold for a second to feel them working. Do not let your knees come back together.

Then lower back down and repeat.

Exercise #3: Mini Band Glute Bridge

Very light tension, especially tension pushing your knees inward as you bridge up, can be a great way to really get your glutes burning and working. Just the light tension of the Mini Band in the Mini Band Glute Bridge is a great way to force your glutes to activate and work to keep your knees from caving in.

To do the Mini Band Glute Bridge, place the band right below your knees. Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground about hip-width apart. Make sure that you press your knees out against the band to keep your knees in line with your ankles and hips.

Pressing out on the band, drive through your heels and upper back and arms to bridge up. Fully extend your hips and squeeze your glutes. Really press out on the band to keep your knees in line and feel your glutes activate. Hold for a second or two at the top with your glutes and abs engaged and then lower back down and repeat.

Do not let your knees cave in as you lower down. And do not release tension at the bottom. Perform a single leg variation to make the bridge harder!

Exercise #4: Camel

Bridges are the PERFECT way to stretch out your hips and get your glutes activated. This is KEY if you want to get your glutes activated, stronger AND sexier while also preventing low back, hip and knee pain.

To do the Camel Bridge, kneel on the ground with your knees about hip-width apart and your feet flexed. Sit back on your heels and place your hands on your heels.

Then arch your hips up and away, as you press your chest out and lift your glutes up off your heels. Keep your hands on your heels as you arch away and squeeze your glutes to fully extend your hips. Do not hyperextend your low back. Engage your glutes to stretch out your hips.

Relax your head back and arch as much as you can, opening your chest up toward the ceiling. Get a nice stretch down your chest, core, hips and quads. Hold for 1-2 seconds and relax back down.

Get in a Great Glute Workout!

On the next page, we’ll show you the workouts that can help you get those glutes activated to help you sculpt a sexy, strong butt!

They don’t involve heavy weights, tons of squats and lunges and you can do them anywhere. And a big part of them is moves like these Bridging Exercises that isolate your glutes to get them activated!

These great glute activation workouts take under 15 minutes to do! So what are you waiting for!?!


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