Sculpt and Activate Your Glutes With These…
4 Must-Do Glute Activation Exercises

The key to stronger, sexier glutes? Using glute activation exercises that isolate those glutes to get them pumped and working!

Across social media you see all of these memes and posts about squatting for a sexy, strong butt.

But squats are far from the best glute exercise out there.

Actually if you want to truly activate and tone your butt, you’ve got to include glute activation exercises that isolate those glutes.

These moves don’t require equipment or heavy weights to work. They are merely bodyweight exercises that target those glutes and isolate them to burn them out and create a pump.

These targeted moves are key to getting results and below are 4 Must-Do Glute Activation Exercises if you want a strong, sexy butt!

4 Must-Do Glute Activation Exercises:

Exercise #1: Glute Bridges

The Glute Bridge is a must-do activation exercise no matter your fitness level. It is the perfect way to isolate and activate those glutes.

And if you include a 2-count hold at the top, you’ll get those glutes really working and burning to help tone and tighten your butt. Keep your abs engaged as well to get in some extra added core work and protect your low back!

To do the Glute Bridge, lie on your back with your feet flat on the ground about hip-width apart. Bridge up, driving through your heels and upper back and arms. Drive your hips up as high as possible, squeezing your glutes hard as you brace your abs.

Hold for a 2-count then lower back down. Really squeeze your glutes hard at the top then lower and repeat. Try not to rest between reps to create that pump and keep your glutes under more tension.

Exercise #2: Side Balance Leg Raises

The Side Balance Leg Raise will make your glutes burn almost instantly. It is a perfect way to target the outside of your glutes and hips.

It will improve your hip stability while working your glute medius to help you build strong and sexy glutes.

To do the Side Balance Leg Raises, set up on your right knee with your right hand down almost as if in a side plank and your left leg straight out to the side.

Then lift your left leg up to about parallel to the ground and lower back down. Feel your glutes working to lift as you keep your core engaged so you don’t wobble or rotate! Do not swing the leg. Make the glute work to lift and stay balanced!

Exercise #3: Bird Dogs

Your glutes are an important part of your core – so what better way to get them activated and working than by also working your abs!?!

The Bird Dog is a great move to tone and strengthen your glutes while also working your abs and shoulders.

To do the Bird Dog, set up in the high plank position from your hands and toes. Then lift your opposite leg and arm up as if reaching for opposite walls. Keep your core engaged and squeeze your glutes as you lift the leg and arm. Do not let your body rotate open or your hips sag toward the ground.

Hold for a second or two at the top and then lower back down and repeat on the same side. Move slowly and really feel your abs and glutes working!

Exercise #4: Side Plank with Leg Raise

Work your glutes AND your obliques with this glute activation exercise. This move is the perfect way to tone and strengthen your entire core!

Because why wouldn’t we want to get rid of that “muffin top” as we also strengthen and tone our glutes!?! 😛

To do the Side Plank with Leg Raise, set up in a side plank from your forearm with your bottom hip up off the ground and your feet stacked. Make sure to engage your obliques and keep your chest from rotating toward the ground.

Then, holding the Side Plank, lift and lower your top leg up and down. Do not let your hips drop toward the ground as you lift the leg. Complete 10-15 leg lowers before lowering down and switching sides.

Feel those glutes and abs really working as you lift and lower that top leg!

Get in a Great Glute Workout!

On the next page, we’ll show you the workouts that can help you get those glutes activated to help you sculpt a sexy, strong butt!

They don’t involve heavy weights, tons of squats and lunges and you can do them anywhere.

These great booty burner workouts take under 15 minutes to do! So what are you waiting for!?!


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