Let’s face it…It isn’t that we don’t WANT to make changes. It isn’t that we don’t WANT to workout (ok…well…you know what I mean).

It’s that we simply don’t have time.

We have so many other things going on and so many commitments and stresses that the first thing to go when life gets crazy is our workouts.

That is why I think it is important to have bodyweight exercises and quick workouts we can do at home all ready for us when those busy, stressful times hit.

It’s really hard to make an excuse not to workout when you can do it at home without any equipment and it only takes 10 minutes!

Check out these 5 Bodyweight Moves and the 10-Minute Blast using them below! I used these in Hawaii when I wanted something quick and killer!

Lunge Burpee – This is one of my new favorite moves because it is a hybrid exercise that will work your core and your legs while really getting your blood pumping!


To do the Lunge Burpee, start standing tall and then place your hands on the ground and jump your feet back into a high plank position.

Jump back into the plank and then jump your feet back into your hands as quickly as you can without being sloppy in the plank position. Stand up, and as you stand up, jump into a lunge on one side. You want to land in a lunge, sinking as low as you can and then jump out of the lunge to repeat the burpee. 

Jump back into plank and then jump back up, lunging on the other side this time. Keep alternating sides with each burpee.

Beginners can step into a lunge and even step back into plank instead of jumping.

Push Up Leg Kick – This is a great way to take the push up to the next level and work your core, especially your obliques, even more!


To do the Push Up Leg Kick, set up in a high plank position with your hands under your shoulders and outside your chest and your feet close together. Your body should be in a nice straight line with your abs braced and glutes and quads engaged.

Then lower down to the bottom of the push up, keeping your body in a nice straight line. Press back up and at the top, kick one leg out to the side toward your elbow. Your hips may rotate slightly as you kick, but your butt shouldn’t go up in the air.

Kick your leg up as close to your elbow as you can and then lower it back down and place your foot back on the ground. Once your foot is back down, repeat the push up then kick the other leg out to the side toward your elbow. Keep your leg as straight as you can as you kick it out. Place your foot back and repeat the push up before repeating on the first side.

Squat Jump Bulldog – This is a great full-body move to work your legs, core, shoulders and triceps while also getting your blood pumping.


To do the Squat Jump Bulldogs, start standing tall. Perform a jump knee tuck, tucking your knees up as high as you can toward your chest as you jump up.

Land back down and sink into a squat. Bring your hands up to your chest and then rock forward, dropping your hands down to the ground. As you rock forward and your hands hit the ground, bend your elbows to drop yourself forward toward the ground, performing a mini push up.

Push back up, extending your arms to push yourself back into a squat. Make sure your heels come back down and you pause and use your core to stabilize in the squat. Then jump back up, tucking your knees back up.

Then repeat, the mini push up. Move quickly back and forth. The further out you rock in the push up, the harder the move will be!

Spiderman Mountain Climber – This is a killer cardio, core exercise that will also improve your mobility. It will really will work your abs, shoulders, arms and quads!


To do Spiderman Mountain Climbers, start in the high plank position from your hands and feet. Keeping your core engaged, step one foot outside the same hand into a nice low spiderman or runner’s lunge. Try not to let your butt go way up in the air as you step your foot outside.

Quickly either step back into plank and then step into a lunge on the other side or jump right from one lunge to the other. Move quickly, but do not let your butt go way up in the air. Step your foot all the way flat outside your hand.

The more you jump right from one lunge to the other the harder the move will be and the more you’ll get your blood pumping!

Dancing Crab – This move was originally called the Tabletop Dip with Toe Touch, but got this other name because it sort of looks like the crab crawl and dancing at the same time. So now it is the Dancing Crab. And it is one killer core, triceps and shoulders exercise. It really works those obliques too!


To do the Dancing Crab, start with your butt on the ground and then place your hands behind you as you bend your knees and place your feet flat on the ground.

Then lift your butt up off the ground. Perform a little dip, bending your elbows as you touch your butt back down to the ground.

Then lift up, bridging your hips up a bit, as you kick your leg up and reach your opposite hand to touch your toe. Place your hand and foot back down, then repeat the dip and then kick the other leg up and reach your other hand to touch your toe.

Move quickly without rushing so much that you don’t stay balanced. Also, make sure to perform a little dip after each toe touch, bending your elbows slightly to touch your butt down.

The Bodyweight Broken Tabata Blast

This workout is just 10 minutes long. To do this workout, set a timer for 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. Complete 4 rounds on an exercise, working for 20 seconds, resting for 10 seconds. Then rest 10 seconds and move on to the next exercise.

#1: 4 rounds:
20 seconds Lunge Burpees
10 seconds Rest

#2: 4 rounds:
20 seconds Push Up Leg Kick
10 seconds Rest

#3: 4 rounds:
20 seconds Squat Jump Bulldog
10 seconds Rest

#4: 4 rounds:
20 seconds Spiderman Mountain Climbers
10 seconds Rest

#5: 4 rounds:
20 seconds Tabletop Dip with Toe Touch aka Dancing Crab
10 seconds Rest

For the follow along version, check out the video below!

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