The Redefining Strength Elite Workout Library

The Workout Library

Not sure what workout to do today? Want to work your legs but bored with your same old workouts?

Then browse through our Workout Library!

Great for anyone with a workout routine that is looking for some variety and new ideas.

Video Courses

If you are looking to achieve a specific goal, whether it is developing a stronger core or learning to use the Battle Ropes, we’ve got a Video Course for you. These courses provide you with video instruction to help you learn the moves as well as a PDF guide with the exercises and workouts!

And COMING SOON! our 30-Day Pull Up Challenge!

Workout Progressions

Looking for more guidance? Not sure how to combine workouts into a routine? Then check out our progressions!

These schedules will give you workout suggestions to help you reach specific goals!

Follow Along Workouts

Sometimes it is easier to push yourself when you are following along with a video because you have a set time you have to go for and someone to follow and even try to beat.

That is why you should check out our Follow Along Video Workouts.


If you are looking for workout programs and meal plans that you can download and use wherever, whenever, then you need to check out our e-books.

Strengthen your glutes, improve your body composition and even alleviate aches and pains with our e-books!


If you are looking to feel and look great, a healthy diet is an important piece of the puzzle. Check out our healthy recipes for delicious, healthy meal ideas.

Whether you are looking for healthy snacks, dinners or desserts, we have a variety of options.

The Exercise Library

Looking for new exercises to use in your workouts? Need help with form or ways to progress or regress movements? Check out our Exercise Library.

Our Exercise Library provides you with a ton of exercises using a variety of equipment, whether you have only your own bodyweight or access to a full gym!


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