Making Your “Ideal” An ACTUAL Client

Once you’ve identified your ideal client, you’ve got to turn that ideal, that lead, into an ACTUAL paying client!

So how do you do that?

Well, once you know where your ideal client is and what they are looking for, you can then create programs and messages that speak to them. AND you’ll know where to show these messages to reach your specific client.


Create a message that speaks to their needs!

The Customer Service Target Market Support Assistance Concept

What does your client want out of a workout routine? What goals do they want to accomplish? What language do they use to talk about their problems?

When you create a message to attract clients, you aren’t talking about you or about the features of your training. No instead you need to focus on the BENEFITS they will receive!

If you can tell your clients what is in it for them and what problems you can solve for them and say it in a way that speaks to them, you can turn that ideal, that lead, into someone who wants to train with you.

Then while telling them the benefits in a way that will resonate with them, you will make them an offer they can’t resist!

Don’t make them the offer you would want. Don’t give them something just because you created it. Give them something that will help them with what THEY WANT!

AKA give them what they think they want while also giving them what they actually need to get the results they want.

So make them an offer. And this offer can’t be “Spend lots of money to train with me!”

This first offer needs to have a low barrier to entry.

It needs to allow them to really find out if you are the right fit and it needs to give you an opportunity to prove to them that you can help them.

Free weeks. Trial sessions. Articles that can help them. 

It is best to lead not only with VALUE and even some of your best stuff, but also with FREE VALUABLE STUFF!

Remember, you want to help people….so….freaking start helping them before they even become your client!

So if you want to take that ideal client, or lead, and turn them into an ACTUAL CLIENT, you need to speak to them and remind them of the benefits of training with you. 

Then you need to make them an offer they can’t refuse because they will see the value you provide!

Once you get them in, you’ve got to build a relationship and prove to them WHY they should commit even more money, time and energy to a program with you!

Remember, your goal is to help them. So load on the value and show them how you can help!

So say they come in and take advantage of your trial…What’s next?!

You follow up.

Provide even more value and use the follow up as a time to further your relationship with them. I like to send them articles and exercises and workouts that will help them with the goals they mentioned and even problems or issues I may have noticed during the session. 

I’m asking for nothing more in return. I’m simply providing value because I want to help. 


This will be enough to get some people to ask for more and commit to a more expensive program.  

When you follow up, you want to lead with value, but you also want to start using the relationship you’ve built to direct them toward purchasing with you. 

Some will be ready to jump right in. They’ll be sold on the trial and the follow up.

But some will still need more convincing. 

They may be ready to dip their toes in, but they might not yet be ready to fully jump in.

But what do you do if you’ve already given them a trial?

This is where you try to get them to commit to something…even if it is a simple $5 product or maybe even a $10 bootcamp.

If you have different options for training, you may want to start with the one that offers the lowest barrier to entry. 

If someone seems to like training, but can’t yet bring themselves to overcome the excuses, I offer them a product that helps them get around their current hold ups. 

I offer them an online program or a weekend bootcamp. Something that is not only a smaller financial commitment but even potentially a smaller time commitment that will still prove to them I can help and even help them start to get results!

These lower cost training sessions and courses obviously aren’t where you want them to end up, but you are still able to help them and you are furthering your relationship with them.

You are providing them with more value so you can slowly push them to make more of a commitment.

And throughout all of this, you need to follow up.