The Fat-Burning Core Workout

If you want to strengthen your core and burn some fat, this workout is for you!

It is a killer 25-minute workout that will work your entire body and get your blood pumping while helping you tone and strengthen your abs and entire core!

The Core Workout Of The Day:

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, resting 15 seconds in between exercises. Move from one exercise to another. Do not rest during the 30 seconds of work or rest extra between rounds. Complete 5 rounds of the circuit below.

30 seconds Jack Burpee
15 seconds Rest
30 seconds Skater Hops
15 seconds Rest
30 seconds Crawling
15 seconds Rest
30 seconds Rocking Chair Abs
15 seconds Rest
30 seconds Mountain Climbers
15 seconds Rest
30 seconds Superman Banana
15 seconds Rest

See The Exercises Below:

Jack Burpee

Skater Hops


Rocking Chair Abs

Mountain Climbers

Superman Banana