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by Redefining Strength | FHP 017: Krista Stryker creator of 12 Minute Athlete

Krista Stryker
Krista Stryker is the founder of 12 Minute Athlete, a website providing free, incredibly effective high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts and awesome fitness motivation for athletes of all levels. Krista is an NSCA certified personal trainer who used to work as a personal trainer in a gym in New York City training for hours before realizing there was a better way. She discovered HIIT training and not only got leaner and fitter than ever before, but her strength and confidence levels skyrocketed. After seeing her personal success with HIIT, Krista created 12 Minute Athlete so she could share her incredibly effective HIIT workouts with the world—and help people of all fitness levels ditch their excuses and get in shape in as little time as possible.
1. Workouts don’t have to be long to be effective! 12 minutes is all you need!

2. Stick with it. Everything you try is going to take longer than what you think it will and those overnight successes are generally YEARS in the making!

3. If you want to get results, make it a priority.

In this episode we talk with Krista Stryker the creator of 12 Minute Athlete about building her High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Program and App to help people overcome their excuses and get great results anywhere in less time! After struggling with her personal fitness, Krista became dedicated to a healthier lifestyle and found that she could get great results in less time using HIIT. 

When these HIIT workouts worked so well for her and her clients, Krista knew she had to share this form of training with everyone so built her 12 Minute Athlete App. Krista reminds us about the importance of mapping things out and sticking with things because everything good takes time….even if it is just 12 minutes at a time!

Q: What’s your favorite exercise?

Jump Rope

Q: What exercise do you hate…but love at the same time?

Pull ups

Q: What is the best book you’ve ever read?

The Art of Mental Training

Q: What is your favorite Pump Up Song?

Stronger by Kanye West

Q: If you could train with one person (alive or dead) who would it be? 

Muhammad Ali