The Fitness Hacks Podcast

by Redefining Strength | FHP 018: 10 Online Resources To Build Your Fitness Business

Cori and Ryan
1. CLICK FUNNELS – Whether you want to get contact information for leads and potential clients, build an in-person clientele, sell online products, courses, e-books or even a membership, you can do it all with Click Funnels. And the best part is, they provide you with done-for-you-funnels so you have tried and tested systems to use!

No more guessing what works. No more hoping you’ll get leads. Here is everything you need.

And if you want to, you can take what’s already there and even create your own!

Click Funnels offers a 2-week free trial so click HERE to try it out completely free!

And to learn more about marketing funnels from the master himself, Russell Brunson, get his book DotComSecrets here for FREE. Both Ryan and I felt this was one of the BEST things we ever did!

2. BLUEHOST – If you want to set up your own site and plan on using WordPress, Bluehost makes it easy. From buying your domain to setting up your site, you can do everything with Bluehost. And if you want to have multiple sites with different URLs, you can do this easily under your account in Bluehost.

Plus, if you need any help getting started with this, just reach out to me at [email protected] and I’ll talk you through it!

Get Bluehost HERE.

3. DIVI – This is the theme we built after lots of research and a huge website crash because of too much traffic. Hoping to prevent that from ever happening again, we went in search of a new theme and found Divi. This easy drag and drop builder allows all of us who have no programming knowledge or experience build beautiful sites and pages EASILY!

Whether you want to do basic blog posts or build portfolios filled with workouts, you can do it all on Divi. And the best part is, they even provide you with pre-done template layouts and have a great private group where you can get help!

Click HERE to get the Divi Theme!

4. YOUZIGN – My new FAVORITE program as it allows me to design amazing looking Facebook images, Instagram quotes, e-book covers, Facebook Headers, YouTube Headers, website images…EVERYTHING! And it is way cheaper, and even faster, than hiring a designer. Plus, honestly I think it looks just as pro!

Plus they have tons of templates to guide you and you can easily access new ones other people are creating! I can even share MY TEMPLATES with you 🙂

Get started designing with Youzign.

5. CANON G7X CAMERA – This camera helped us produce higher quality video more easily than the “nice” camera we spent double on. It’s lightweight with a flip screen so you can easily film yourself.

Plus it does great filming in even low-light places and stabilizes even as you carry it around and film!

To get the Canon G7X and have your videos look more “pro,” click HERE.

6. OPTINMONSTER – These resources are meant to SIMPLIFY your life. And that is EXACTLY what OptinMonster does. It integrates seemlessly with both Divi and Mailchimp or Aweber. It allows you to do pop up optins, in-line optins, optins to block content so someone has to register to view…And it has templates to help you make each of them look professional.

Plus, with each optin there is a great dashboard where you can see clicks and optins to help you get better results and get more leads and clients!

Get professional looking optins that have been tested and proven to convert HERE.

7. AWEBER OR MAILCHIMP – Whether you’re looking to build a relationship with prospective clients and leads, sell a product or just stay in touch with current clients, having an email provider is key. If you have a very small list and email marketing won’t be a main point of your business, you may want to start with MailChimp because it is FREE to start.

BUT if you want to build out automated email series or plan to really grow your list, you’ll want to choose the provider with the best open rates…which currently is Aweber.

You can’t go wrong with either though and both are my top picks as they are easy to use AND they integrate well with all of the resources on this list!

Get MailChimp HERE. Or get Aweber HERE.

8. SHOPIFY – If you want an easy to set up shop, Shopify is what you’re looking for. With pre-done themes and clean looking shop layouts, Shopify will make your site look professional so you can get started selling! Shopify is easy to integrate as well and allows you to customize the look and feel of your site.

Plus, if you aren’t a numbers person, Shopify allows you to easily track sales and growth.

Check out Shopify HERE.

9. CONTEST DOMINATION – Want to launch a SUCCESSFUL contest and get people sharing it on social media? Then Contest Domination is what you want to use! You can easily create a contest and, because of Contest Domination’s share feature, anyone who enters can easily share the contest with their friends. It will allow you to easily track who enters and even randomly picks the winner.

Whether you use it to sell a product or get an in-person client or even give away a piece of equpiment, Contest Domination makes it easy to run a successful contest and get new leads!

Run a contest with Contest Domination – Check it out HERE.

10. MINDBODY – Organization is key if you want to grow. Trying to hunt down clients to collect money for training and keep track of when it is due simply isn’t fun. And as you get more clients having the ability to automatically rebill and have a system contact clients when they need to update payment information is AMAZING!

Plus you can keep track of your schedule online and even have clients register themselves for classes using the app! You can stay in touch with clients easily and track EVERYTHING using MindBody.

And if you start a gym and have other trainers working for you, you can easily track their pay and their classes through the system too!

Everything is in one place to help you stay organized and on top of everything!

Get organized with MindBody right HERE.