The Complete Full Body Warm Up

Roll out any and all tight areas.

10-15 reps Bear Squats
10-15 reps each side World’s Greatest Stretch with Hamstring Stretch
10-15 reps Frog Stretch
10-15 reps Kneeling Bridge
10-15 reps Squat Stretch

15-20 reps Glute Bridges
15-20 reps Scapular Push Ups
10-15 reps each side Plank with Reach Through

LOCOMOTION/CRAWLING CIRCUIT: (No longer than 5 minutes)
20-50ft Forward/Backward Bear Crawls
20-50ft Jog Forward/Backpedal Back
20-50ft Butt Kickers (forward and backward)
20-50ft High Knees (forward and backward)
20-50ft Side Shuffle
20-50ft Carioca


Bear Squats – Place your hands down on the ground in front of you while kneeling. The closer you place your hands to your knees, the harder the stretch will be. Press your butt up into the air, driving your heels into the ground. Feel a nice stretch down your calves and hamstrings as you try to get your legs straight. Hold for 1-2 seconds and then drop back down to your knees and repeat.

World’s Greatest Stretch with Hamstring Stretch – Start in a high plank position with your hands under your shoulders and feet together. Your body should start in a nice straight line. Step your right foot outside your right hand. Drop the right elbow down into the instep of your right foot. Then rotate open facing your right leg, stretching your right arm up toward the ceiling. Bring the right hand back down to the ground. Sit back on your left heel and straighten your right leg. Feel a stretch down your hamstring. Then bend the right leg and move back into the plank position with the foot outside the hand. Again drop the elbow and repeat the move on your right side. Complete all reps and then switch and do the stretch on the other side.

Frog Stretch (with rotation if you want) – Kneel on the ground and spread your knees as wide as possible. Lower yourself down to your forearms. Keep your feet in line with your lower leg and knees. Do not let your feet come together behind your butt. Sit your butt back between your knees as much as possible. Then come forward out of the stretch for a second before pressing your butt back as far as you can. Repeat. You can also add in a rotation as you come forward out of the stretch. If you want to add the rotation, as you come back forward, lower your body down to the ground and rotate your lower leg up and forward. Sit back again and then pivot the other hip. Keep alternating sides until all reps are complete.

Kneeling Bridge – Start by kneeling on both legs with your feet flexed. Sit back and place your hands on your heels. Then arch up off your heels and press your chest out, keeping your hands on your heels. Relax your head back and arch as much as you can, getting a nice stretch down your chest, core, hips and quads. Hold for 1-2 seconds and relax back down. Repeat. If you are less flexible, do this stretch with a couch, chair or table behind you. Kneel down and place your hands back behind you on the couch or table. Press your chest out and arch as much as possible away from the piece behind you while leaning your head back. Then relax back down and repeat.

Squat Stretch – Place your feet about hip-width to shoulder-width apart with your toes pointing straight ahead. Hang over and reach your hands toward the ground. Keep your legs as straight as possible and feel a stretch down your hamstrings. Place your hands on your feet or touching the ground right inside the arch of your feet. Sink your butt down as close to the ground as possible and bring your ribs up, opening your chest up toward the ceiling. Make sure your heels don’t come off the ground. Press your arms out against your knees at the bottom of the stretch. Then straighten your legs and go back into the hamstring stretch before standing back up.

Glute Bridges – Lie on your back with your feet about hip-width apart. You should basically be able to touch your heels with your finger tips. Then bend your elbows to 90 degrees. Drive your elbows, shoulders and heels into the ground as you drive your hips up. Make sure your knees do not fall apart. Actively squeeze your butt as you drive your hips up. If you only feel your hamstrings working, make sure that you aren’t driving off your heels backward. You shouldn’t feel like you are driving back into your shoulders. You want to actual feel like you are driving your knees forward over your toes even though you are driving through your heels. Drive your hips straight up. Hold for 2-5 seconds at the top.

Scapular Push Ups – This move has only a very small range of motion. Set up in a push up position from your knees or toes. Create a nice straight line with your body. Then pinch your shoulder blades back and together and press your chest out. Then relax. It is really only a few inches of motion. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CORE TO MOVE. Do not bend your elbows or allow your hips to sag. All you are doing is pinching your shoulder blades back and together. Also, do not let your shoulders shrug up by your ears.

scapular push ups back exercise
Plank with Reach Through – Set up in the high plank position on your hands and knees (beginner) or toes (advanced). Then reach one hand under your armpit and toward the far wall. You don’t just want to reach under your armpit to pat yourself on the back. Make sure your hips stay down as you reach through. Then pivot open, rotating into a side plank. You will reach the hand that reached under your armpit up toward the ceiling while rotating onto the sides of your feet or knees. Then reach the hand back down and under the armpit. Move back into a high plank position. Complete all reps on that side before switching and reaching the other way.

Forward/Backward Bear Crawls – Set up on your hands and knees with your knees under your hips and your hands under your shoulders. Then flex your feet and lift up onto your toes. Take a step forward with your left foot and right hand, keeping your knees close to the ground and your back flat. Then step forward with your right foot and left hand. Keep alternating moving the opposite arm and opposite leg together. Once you’ve crawled forward the 20-50ft, you will then reverse the crawl. Take a small step back with your right foot as you step back with your left hand. Take small steps, especially moving backward. If you reach too much with your leg, you are going to put more strain on your shoulders and your movement will get off. The opposite arm and leg need to move together. Keep your knees close to the ground as you move backward. Beginners may need to perform a baby crawl from their knees and hands.

basic crawl
Jog Forward/Backpedal Back – A nice light run down and then backward back. You aren’t running your fastest. You are just getting your heart rate up.
Butt Kickers (forward and backward) – Jogging forward down, try to kick your butt with your heels. Try to kick your butt as many time as you can. Don’t worry about moving forward quickly just try to kick your butt quickly. Even as you move backward, continue to kick your butt.
High Knees (forward and backward) – Jogging forward down, try to bring your knees forward up to your chest. Try to do as many high knees as possible almost in place. Don’t worry about moving quickly down the 20-50ft. Instead focus on doing a ton of high knee reps. As you move backward back, continue the high knees even though they may feel awkward.
Side Shuffle – Set up sideways with both feet pointing straight ahead. Your feet should be just wider than shoulder-width apart. Sink your butt back and down a little as you bend your knees a bit. Keep your chest up and move laterally. Step one foot to the side then bring the other one a step the same direction. Don’t bring your feet completely together at any point. Go down leading with one side and come back leading with the other.
Carioca – Also known by many as the grapevine. Moving laterally, cross one foot in front and then that same foot behind as you just step laterally with the other. Cross in front and behind with one foot on the way down and the other foot on the way back.