Things I Like – Equipment, Books, Websites and More!

What sites and books do I love to read and learn from? What are my favorite pieces of equipment? What supplements do I use?


Below is a list of a few of my favorite things!


These are the websites I enjoy reading and often refer people to:
Mark’s Daily Apple

The Great Fitness Experiment
Fit and Feminist
43 Fitness
Uber Beast Mode
Lean Gains
Bret Contreras
Poliquin Group


These are some of my favorite books to recommend to clients (outside of my own wonderful stuff of course!)
The Modern Woman’s Guide To Strength Training

Nia Shanks’ Lift Like A Girl

The Primal Blueprint
Convict Conditioning
The Renegade Diet
Good Calories, Bad Calories

Fitness Equipment 

These are some of the pieces I often use in the 50 Free Workouts and Elite Workout Library:
Battling Ropes
Competition Kettlebells
Total Body Trigger Point or SMR Kit
Foam Roller – The Grid
Pull Up Bar
Jungle Gym XT
Mini Bands
Ultimate Sandbags
Valslides (Sliders)
Power Wheel


To stay healthy or if I need a quick snack, I use the supplements below:
BioTRUST Low Carb Protein
Primal Essentials Kit – Probiotic, Vitamin D and Omega-3s
Perfect Bars (Great quick snack…not an every day thing but if I need a bar…It’s my go to)