It’s Not A Lifestyle…

You just got a new bathing suit online for your vacation in four weeks.

And you want to lose a little bit of weight so you just feel extra good rocking it.

You know you should have started trying to lose weight months ago.

But you didn’t.

So now you have four weeks left and you want to get results ASAP.

You don’t need a lifestyle. You just something to help you feel great in your suit!

Sometimes we just aren’t thinking about a “lifestyle.” We just want to lose weight for a specific event.

Or we just really need to see some quick progress to get motivated to continue.

And there is nothing wrong with that!

You don’t need to feel guilty that you want to feel extra confident for that big event! Not every moment are we going to be focused on creating this healthy, lasting lifestyle even if a lifestyle change may be our goal in the end.

Heck sometimes even when we are eating well and working out consistently, we want a little extra push!

But that doesn’t mean we need to turn to crazy crash diets or cleanses!

There is no reason we have to feel horrible, make our workouts suffer and drink DISGUSTING concoctions we have to hold our nose to choke down just to shed some weight quickly.


Just because we aren’t really concerned with creating a lifestyle and want some quick results, doesn’t mean we have to be miserable for 4 weeks!

AND it doesn’t mean we can’t create a plan that will LEAD to a healthy lifestyle change in the long run.

So how do you do all of that?

How do you….

  • Not do a crash diet or cleanse
  • Get fast results
  • AND set yourself up with a FOUNDATION that could lead to a lifestyle?

By dialing in your Macros first and, through that, creating a calorie deficit!

Which isn’t what most of us usually do…

Often when we’re trying to get fast results what do we do?

We slash our calories as low as we can stand and we cut out all carbs.

Ever do that?

I know I used to!

But while we may lose some weight, we feel like crap the entire time.

AND generally, we don’t really look as good as we expected after all of that suffering. (Heck…half the time I felt like I just ended up falling off days BEFORE the big event too!)

That is when I realized that, while Macro Cycling could be a lifestyle, it could also be used for some killer fast results!

By first dialing in our macro ratios, and focusing on protein, we can then create a calorie deficit that allows for faster results WITHOUT those feelings of deprivation.

But the key really is PROTEIN.

Want to feel fuller for longer EVEN while on a calorie deficit? Want to fuel your workouts and not suffer from dieting hanger?

Want to accomplish the supposedly impossible task of adding a little sexy, lean muscle AS you lose body fat?

Up your protein intake!

You may be thinking, “But I’ve heard fat keeps you feeling fuller for longer.”

And while yes, fat can also help keep you feeling full, it doesn’t have the satiety effect that protein does NOR does it have the “chewability factor.”

What is the “chewability factor?” (It’s a highly scientific term mind you…)

Have you ever been on a diet and felt like your portions are nothing?

Heck ever eaten a serving of fat aka a pathetic handful of nuts that is gone in one second?

That right there is why the chewability factor is so key. Not only is about actually getting enough calories and nutrients, but it is also about MENTALLY being able to eat a satisfying amount!

And when you go on a high protein diet, you get a high chewability factor! Your meals will be satisfying even while cutting your calories.

Not only will protein keep you feeling full and satisfied (both mentally and physically) for longer, BUT it will also help you lose weight because of what is called the Thermogenic Effect.

The thermogenic effect of protein is higher than that of carbs or fat, meaning your body has to work harder to process protein than it does the other two macros. Studies have even shown protein to have a thermogenic effect 5 times greater than carbs or fat

Aka you burn more calories even just processing protein, which is why it is not only easier to lose weight on a high protein diet, BUT also harder to gain weight even if you eat over your calories for a day.

Basically, a high protein diet is more forgiving and requires less of a dramatic calorie cut than a diet where you’re eating lots of carbs or fat!

And the best part!?

You can protect your lean muscle mass so you look more toned as you lose weight!

Ever feel like you’ve lost weight, but things haven’t really “firmed up” the way you’ve liked?

It’s because all too often when we crash diet and slash our calories really low, we end up catabolizing our muscle as much as we do the fat we’d like to lose. So while the weight on the scale may go down, it won’t only be fat we’ll be losing!

Getting enough protein is key to preventing our body from catabolizing our muscle tissue and even helping us to BUILD muscle while in a calorie deficit.

Yup! Focusing on high protein can help you even gain lean muscle mass while in a calorie deficit!

So by eating more protein you can get that lean, strong look that will make you feel more confident in your bathing suit and preserve that sexy, lean muscle!

By simply dialing in your Macros and focusing on PROTEIN, you can kickstart your diet and get killer results in just 4 weeks. And I’ve got the ratios to help you do it.

By cycling between two ratios each week for four weeks, and focusing on protein, you can accelerate your results without crash dieting.

Now these ratios aren’t often what I prescribe for Macro Cycling as a lifestyle because they are a bit more “intense.” They are meant for a quick kickstart without being a crash diet OR a cleanse.

While this four week Accelerator is meant as just that, an Accelerator, it will set you up with the basis to continue Macro Cycling in a way that can become a lifestyle.

So if you’re ready to get the results you want and look amazing for that event in 4 weeks OR you simply need something to kickstart your program, learn more about my Flat Abs Bundle with my 4-Week Macro Accelerator!

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