ATTENTION: Do you want strong, lean, toned glutes and abs WITHOUT spending hours in the gym?

New Breakthrough System Will Help You Get Strong, Lean Glutes and Abs in 15-Minutes at-home WITHOUT Expensive Equipment OR Cardio

…These Low-Impact Exercises Will Sculpt Your Glutes And Abs In Just 28-Days

Below I’ll Reveal The Breakthrough Burner System To Get Your Best Butt Ever Quickly And Easily In Just 15-Minutes.

You’ve squatted and deadlifted. You’ve done the StairMaster and have read all of the magazine articles about the BEST cardio to tone your legs and burn the fat.

But you’ve realized your glutes aren’t activated. They aren’t necessarily even working during those moves so nothing is happening.

So you go and research the BEST glute exercises out there. You’ve been searching and experimenting looking for those moves that will finally help. And you’ve tried them all.

But nothing’s working.

Plus how the heck do you even use the moves? How many reps? How many sets? How often? How do you combine them into a workout that actually works?!?

You’ve gotten frustrated with your lack of results. So you turned to looking at new equipment. You’ve wasted more money than you’d like on products that are supposed to work your glutes and abs. And now all that equipment does is sit in your closet…wasting space.

Next you try programs like the 30-Day Squat Challenge…and even done them once or twice because you’ve heard that you’ve got to squat for a great butt.

But nothing has worked. You’ve gotten sore. You’ve put in the hours. You’ve even slaved away on the treadmill trying different inclines to target your glutes. But you’re glutes still aren’t active and you may even be starting to suffer from aches and pains in your low back, hips and even your knees.

Your butt isn’t perkier and you’ve still got that annoying fat we women tend to store around our hips and lower abs.

And it isn’t because you aren’t working hard. It isn’t because you aren’t doing enough.

It’s because all of these exercises and programs aren’t COMPLETE. They are missing this one KEY SYSTEM…

I Did Everything I Was Supposed But Ended Up Simply Wasting Time And Getting Injured…

I’ve seriously spent YEARS and $1,000s of dollars looking for an answer. I’ve read articles and studies about glute training and glute activation. I earned training credentials and even experimented with 100s of different butt workout programs until finally I created the Burner System and got results.

But I’m jumping ahead…

I was a collegiate athlete working out for hours each and every day. And I was in great shape for my sport. I was doing tons of cardio and even squatting and deadlifting heavy.

And the more I worked out, the more I figured an added bonus of this would be that I would have great looking abs and a perky butt and lean legs. I mean how could I not?!?

But I didn’t.

While I was in “great shape” and even “thin” overall, I still had that pesky lower belly fat and a flat butt.

I was lifting heavy. Using the treadmill on an incline and even the StairMaster, all hoping to finally get that sexy, strong butt and get rid of that little pooch on my lower abs. I was even doing glute activation at a time when glute activation wasn’t a sexy subject.

But nothing worked.

I was frustrated. But I kept plugging away. At first I thought maybe MORE would help. But all that did was lead to overtraining.

So then I began to look around for other options.

Once I graduated from college, I began experimenting even more with my program. I spent money on programs and equipment. I went to hour long classes and even spent hours on my own using all the moves I could find in magazines that were touted as the BEST.

I lost weight from some of these programs. But that lower belly fat still seemed to hold on. And my glutes…sometimes I felt like my butt and legs just got flatter and less perky!

Then I got into powerlifting and was lifting super heavy and probably working out even harder than I did in college. I thought there was no way with lifting so heavy and being so focused on gaining strength that I could possibly not get results.

I mean I was squatting and deadlifting heavy weights…weren’t those the two best glute exercises!?!

But NOPE! Not only did my glutes barely change, but I ended up injured. I strained my hip flexor so badly I couldn’t walk or train for weeks.

That was it. I was done. I was frustrated beyond frustrated.

As I recovered, I decided I needed a new plan of action. I reviewed more studies and took things back to basics.

I realized it didn’t matter how much I could lift…What mattered was whether or not my glutes and core were truly strong and active!

No Fancy Equipment. No Heavy Lifts Or Crazy Cardio. No Spending Hours In The Gym. 

And That Is When I Got My Best Results.

That’s when my butt got not only stronger, but perkier.

I liked the way my pants fit and how I looked. I liked the way my butt filled out my shorts. And my pooch began to disappear so I felt less self-conscious in shirts that hugged around my belly button.

I wasn’t having to spend hours in the gym or do any crazy cardio. I could do it all from home in only 15-minutes.

Plus, my hip injury not only went away, but I’ve never suffered from one since because my core became so much stronger!

That is how I created the Burner System. The Burner System will help you get your best butt ever and lean, strong abs just like it did for me and my clients.

My Training Methods Have Been Featured In…

28-Days, 15-Minutes A Day With The Burner Program Got Them Results…

Feel Your Butt Get Stronger and More Toned By The Day As You Follow The 28-Day Booty Burner Program Below – All You Need Is 15 MINUTES!


Sick Of A Butt And Abs That Don't Look The Way You Want Them To?


Sick Of Killing Yourself With Cardio That Doesn't Make Your Legs, Glutes And Abs Leaner?


Sick Of Doing Squats To Only Have Your Legs Get Bigger With No Change In Your Glutes?


Sick Of Low Back Pain That Plagues You No Matter What You Do?

Are You Ready To For A Strong, Lean Butt And Abs In 28 Days?


Ready For A Quick And Easy Way To Get Your Glutes Strong And Lean?


Ready To Get Rid Of That Lower Belly Pooch?


Ready For A Sexy, Shapely Butt That Looks Great And Makes You Feel Confident?!?


Ready For Strong Abs As Well As Activated Glutes?

Then Our Burner System Is What You’re Looking For. 

In Our 28-Day Booty Burner Program, We Use Our BURNER SYSTEM To Get You Results In Only 15-Minutes At Home WITHOUT Expensive Equipment OR Cardio.

How Is the Booty Burner Workout Program Different From Other Glute Programs And How Will It Get Me Results?

The quick answer….YES!

The Booty Burner Workout Program is different from other programs because it uses my Burner System to get you fast results at home without equipment or carido.

As I mentioned before, I developed the Burner System to help myself get results after struggling for years, wasting time and energy only to end up injured and worse off than where I started.

I wanted to lose the lower belly pooch and get strong, lean glutes and legs.

That is why I created the Burner System, which is built on 4 basic principles all focused on developing that glute “burn” while opening up your hips to help get rid of that lower belly pooch.


That burn, that pump in the glutes while working on your hip extension to help you develop flat abs is what will get you results in 28 days. And that pump or burn is dependent on you being able to contract your glutes hard while fully extending your hips.

To accomplish this our Burner System focuses on these 4 basic principles:

Muscle Isolation:

Often we want to do compound movements. We’ve all heard they give us the most bang for our buck in the shortest amount of time. But during compound leg exercises, such as Squats and Deadlifts, other muscles can take over PREVENTING you from getting results. The Burner System workouts prevent that from happening by using Isolation Exercises focused on your glutes and abs so that you are targeting the area you actually want to work for faster results. No other muscles will take over and prevent your glutes and abs from working!

Maximal Glute Contraction:

If you want the FASTEST RESULTS, you’ve got to work the most muscle fibers at once. And we contract our glutes HARDEST during bodyweight exercises or movements that use minimal resistance. AKA the BEST exercises for glute activation and therefore fast and easy results can be done at home without fancy equipment or cardio. The Burner System uses movements that get the maximal amount of muscle contraction and glute activation so you get results. And on top of that, they also force your abs and core to work hard during all of the exercises, helping create results in 28 days!

Core Burnout:

The Burner System got its name from the fact that they program is focused on BURNOUT. To get your glutes and abs strong, lean and toned in only 28 days, the workouts have to focus on getting the muscles pumped. and Burning out the muscle groups helps you to get maximal results in less time. This pump and “burnout” is essential for actually creating change. Because our glutes have a high percentage of slow-twitch muscle fibers, they respond better to volume aka that burnout!

Optimized Intervals:

The Burner System uses specialized work to rest intervals so that the workouts are all under 15 minute workouts and get you results without having to spend hours at the gym. These specific optimized intervals are key to burning out the abs and glutes and activating as many muscle fibers as possible to get your glutes strong and toned! Too much rest or not enough time under tension can mean the difference between results and strong, lean glutes and abs!

What You Get With Your 28-Day Booty Burner Program Today:

In your 28-day program, there are 6 basic “types” of burner workouts included in this program. Over the 28 days you will do a variety of these Key Burner Workouts to achieve the fastest results possible and get lean strong glutes and abs!

burner-bundle covers


The Bodyweight Burner

These workouts will use a variety of bodyweight floor exercises, including bridging, quadruped moves and even balance exercises to strengthen and tone your glutes, abs and entire core from every angle!


The Unilateral Burner

Isolate each side of your body individually to correct imbalances and get strong, lean glutes that not only look sexy, but also help you prevent low back, hip and knee pain. These moves also really help target those lower abs and obliques.


The Yoga Burner

Burn out those glutes and work on core stability as you improve your flexiblity and balance with this Yoga-inspired Burner. This workout is KEY to getting results because it opens up our hips and restores proper mobility so our glutes actually contract as hard as they can so we get fast results!


The Mini Band Burner

Add minimal resistance to activate more muscle fibers and get those glutes pumped for optimal results. You want lean glutes? You’ve got to use this burnout workout.


The Resistance Band Burner

Target those trouble zones and work your glutes and abs from every angle with the Resistance Band Burner Workouts. These workouts will also really work those abs and your entire core!


The Bench Burner

These moves have some of the highest percentage of glute activation to get you killer results in 28-Days. Your glutes will be shaking and your abs will be engaged and working when you’re done with these workouts.

I’ve developed these 6 Burner Workouts and put them into a complete 28-day program to help you get fast and efficient results WITHOUT fancy equipment or hours in the gym.

Because getting lean, strong glutes and abs is about more than doing certain exercises. You can’t simply Google “Best glute exercises” and BAM! instantly have a program that works.

Heck, you can’t even simply throw together random glute and core workouts and expect results.

And the worst part is, sometimes while you’re searching for answers and even doing things you think are right, you could instead be creating imbalances that could lead to injury just like I did.

So stop stumbling around searching for answers, wasting time on programs that don’t work.

Today make the commitment to build strong, lean legs, glutes and abs in just 15-minutes a day!

Still Wondering If This Program Will Work For You?

I want to be honest with you and give you a warning right here and now so that we don’t waste each others time or money. Sound good?

The 28-Day Booty Burner Program is designed to get you fast results in 28 days. The program is SIMPLE and can be done by even beginner exercises; HOWEVER, simple doesn’t mean that it’s a “magic pill” or “quick fix.”

You still have to put in the hard work. You still have to show and up challenge yourself with the workouts. You can’t just go through the motions and skip days. You’ve got to actually DO the program if you want results from the program.

The program clearly lays out what exercises and workouts to do when in the exact number of sets and reps you need to do, but you still NEED TO DO THEM!

So if you aren’t ready to commit and put in the work to get fast results with these quick Burner Workouts, this program isn’t for you.

Here’s the thing…I can’t tell you how many Facebook posts and messages I receive from clients who’ve not only got stronger, leaner glutes and abs from this program, but have also prevented and alleviated injuries and even felt their other workouts improve because of these 15-minute workouts.

And if it can work for them, it can most certainly work for you.

No matter if you want to strengthen and tone up your glutes and abs, want to lift more and run fasters or simply prevent and alleviate back and hip pain, this program WLL get your glutes activated for fast results if you put in the hard work and effort.

That being said, if you are going to purchase this program and do nothing with it, don’t waste your time with it.

You must take the first small step forward today if you want results tomorrow. Otherwise you’ll just continue to be frustrated with your lack of results and programs that just seem to leave you tired, rundown and worse off than where you started.

I don’t want that for you. Heck, you don’t want that for yourself!

Make a decision to do something about that right now and get results in 28 days, spending 15 minutes a day.


Think there is no possible way that such a simple program can get you results? Seem too good to be true because the workouts are quick and you don’t need any fancy equipment or cardio?

I originally thought so too. But the thing is, you don’t need long workouts or fancy equipment or even cardio to get the results you want by activating your glutes.

I know because I’ve taken everything that I’ve learned, all of the studies that I’ve read, and tested all of those theories and workouts out on myself and clients until I could condense them down into this one incredibly powerful and effective program so that you can get lean, strong glutes and abs in just 28 days.

Please: DO NOT be fooled thinking this program is too simple or easy to work…DO IT! It will work for you, guaranteed!

Why Is The 28-Day Booty Burner Program Priced So Low?

I wanted to make this an absolute offer you couldn’t refuse because I believe that glute activation is ESSENTIAL for everyone no matter their fitness goals.

Whether you are after strong, lean glutes and abs or simply want to prevent low back and hip pain, this program is the missing piece in your training program!

That’s why I made this a simple, easy and affordable program that EVERYONE could do to get results and make you an offer you can’t refuse.

When I first started using the Burner System with my clients, I was charging $150/month. But then as my clients saw results and people began to refer their friends, I had to raise my prices to $397/month because my schedule was filling up.

Even though clients were getting results, I knew that not everyone could afford these rates…

Which is why I decided to bundle everything together for you today so that you won’t be paying anywhere near that much!

The truth is, the 28-Day Booty Burner and the great nutritional bonuses that I’m about to give you as well, are well worth over $197. But for a limited time, you can get your hands on the program and bonuses for a fraction of that price.

I will only be able to keep the price this low as long as I can handle all of the daily emails I receive, since I handle all of my own emails and there are a lot pouring in! Since I answer all of my own emails, that means you’ll be working directly with me. I’ll answer your questions and help you get the most out of the program.

But to make 100% sure that you get my full attention whenever you need, if I start to get overwhelmed with emails, I’ll need to raise the price…

And to be absolutely sure you are fully satisfied, I want to take all of the risk from you today…

And if for ANY reason, I do not live up to my Triple Guarantee, all you need to do is send me an email and I will promptly refund your money no questions asked. 

That means you can try the entire 28-Day Booty Burner Program for a full 60-days (that’s 2 times through the entire program), then decide if it’s right for you. And if you are not 100% absolutely satisfied, you will get your money back no questions asked!

Special Release 28-Day Booty Burner Price!

Get your Booty Burner Program and the bonuses below for a limited time at this price. As I mentioned above, I answer all of my own emails and will only be able to keep the price this low for a limited time before I become overwhelmed with email. At that point, I’ll have to raise the price so that I make sure I can give you the attention you need!

So make sure to take advantage of this special release price and the bonuses below while you can!

Click the Add To Cart button below to get started and start getting the results you want today!


I Also Want To Give You Some Really Great Gifts Today!!

Listen, I’m extremely confident that I’m giving you the absolute best glute and ab program ever developed so that you can see your strongest, leanest glutes and abs ever.

But I didn’t want to stop there. I wanted to make sure that you have EVERYTHING you could ever need to not only get incredible results during the 28-day program but also see continued results, even after the 28 days are up. Plus, I wanted you to be so thrilled with the 28-Day Booty Burner Program that I’m throwing in these special bonuses:

FREE BONUS #1: The Macro Cycling Grocery List

grocery list coverEating well can help improve the results you get from the 28-Day Booty Burner Program and even help you look and feel better once the 28 days are up.

This Macro Cycling Grocery List can help you when you’re shopping to make sure that you get healthy foods to help you lose fat and get strong, lean glutes and abs.

This straightforward Macro Cycling Grocery List can easily be printed off and taken with you to the store. It will help make grocery shopping quicker and easier!


FREE BONUS #2: The Complete Macro Cycling Guide

Macro Cycling Guide coverMacro Cycling is one of the quickest and easiest ways to lean down and reduce your body fat without completely depriving yourself of the foods you love. In this guide, I’ll go over the 3 Macro Breakdowns that will help you get results fast.

Not sure how much Protein, Fat or Carbs you should be eating? I’ll lay out exactly what you should be eating and even how many calories you should be consuming.

If you’re looking for a Nutritional Guide to help you lose some body fat and get those abs and glutes extra sexy, you’ll love my Macro Cycling Plan!


FREE BONUS #3: The Macro Cycling Recipe Guide

recipe macro guide coverGet 12 of my best Macro Cycling recipes in my Macro Cycling Recipe Guide.

I’ll provide you with meals and recipes to fit each of the 3 Macro Breakdowns. Whether you’re looking for a breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, dessert or side dish, there is a recipe for you!

And all of these recipes are quick and easy to prep to keep things as simple as possible for you so you aren’t spending hours and hours cooking, cleaning and prepping!



full product bundle booty and bonus

Click The “Add To Cart” Button Below And Instantly Receive Your Discounted Price Of Only $9.99 Today PLUS All Of The Bonuses (worth over $197)

booty burner trainer picI really look forward to working with you!

Cori Lefkowith
Owner, Redefining Strength

P.S. Keep in mind that you’ve got to do the hard work. All you need to do is follow the 28-Day Booty Burner Program as it states, and you will instantly start seeing results and feeling better. So don’t delay, amazing results are waiting for you!

P.P.S. Remember, you’re getting instant online access to everything in the next 2-minutes – all for just ONE payment of $9.99 today. Once you click the “Add To Cart” button, you’ll be sent to a checkout page where you’ll create a username and password. Using this information, you can login to download your product IMMEDIATELY! And any time you need to download it to a new device, you have easy access to it!

P.P.P.S. Remember, I am taking all the risk because you are backed by my 60-day TRIPLE Money Back Guarantee. So you can try this 100% RISK FREE for 60-days, then decide if it’s for you. And if you decide it’s not for you, you get your money back.


You’ve Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers…

What is the 28-Day Booty Burner Program and why does it work so fast?

The 28-Day Booty Burner Program is made up of workouts that all take under 15-minutes and is based around our Burner System, which isolates and activates your glutes and abs so that you can get strong, lean glutes and abs without fancy equipment, cardio or hours spent in the gym.

The program works because the Burner System includes 4 simple principles – Muscle Isolation, Maximal Glute Contraction, Core Burnout and Optimized Intervals.

These principles and our Burner System will help you get results in less time just like it has for all of my other clients! (Plus, if you are suffering from low back pain, getting those glutes and abs working properly with this program will really help!)

Will I need equipment for the workouts?

The movements that target our glutes the best require minimal resistance which means you don’t need any fancy or expensive equipment.

Your bodyweight, a $3 Mini Band and a couple of resistance bands are all you need.

Can I use this program more than once?

YES! I’m constantly using this program when I travel and have clients doing workouts from it every week! These workouts are essential to include in your workout routine to keep your glutes activated and help sculpt and tone them!


What if I have low back, hip or knee pain? Can I still do it?

YES! While you always want to consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise program and should see a therapist in person if suffering from injury, for low back, hip and knee aches and pains (once cleared by your doctor), this program will be helpful.

Activating your glutes and opening up your hips is KEY to getting rid of aches and pains!

What if I don’t want my butt to get super big?

Activation exercises tone the muscles of your butt.

This can actually make your butt look smaller if you store extra fat around your hips; HOWEVER, if you have a small, flat butt, it CAN help you add some shape and size to your glutes because you are adding muscle (the muscle that can actually help your butt look better no matter its size!)

So whether you are looking to grow or shrink your butt…or even simply TONE it and make it PERKIER…these workouts can help!

What if it doesn’t work for me?

Then it is FREE!

If you follow the simple workouts in the 28-Day Booty Burner Program and do exactly what they say and don’t skip a workout, and for ANY reason you are not satisfied, just email me and I will refund your money. Simple as that!

I’m making it just that simple because I want you to be able to get started with 28-Day Booty Burner Program today with zero risk, knowing you’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose.


NOTE: The 28-Day Booty Burner Program is an e-book that is completely downloadable. Nothing will be physically shipped. After you click the “Add To Cart” button, you will go to a checkout page where you will create a username and password. Using this log in information, you can then immediately access and download your product components to any device. The format for all manuals, reports, checklists, etc. is Adobe Acrobat PDF. It is compatible with Mac and PC! (Note: In accordance with the FTC, it is required that we identify what a “typical” result is. The truth is hard to swallow: most people never do anything with the products they purchase. So their typical results are zero, most of the time. The biggest factor is you. I’ve worked with clients that have lost 2-3 inches off of their hips and waist over 6 weeks using this method. They were willing to take action and put in the hard work and effort.)

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