Ready now to burn some fat and get a lean, strong core with some killer core workouts?

Take the 30-Day Core Challenge For a Leaner, Stronger Core!

Stop Wasting Time Doing 100s of Crunches and Killing Yourself With Restrictive Diets That Leave You Feeling Miserable And Deprived Just To Lose That Stubborn Belly Fat And Build A Strong, Lean Core!

If you want a strong, lean core, you’ve got to remember ONE THING, you’ve got to burn that stubborn belly fat using compound core exercises.

AKA you’ve got to do workouts that include moves like the 3 Cardio-Core Exercises I listed earlier.

These moves burn fat, get your blood pumping and work your entire core. And the best part is they do it more efficiently than running or crunches or any other moves could!

The reason these COMPOUND Cardio-Core Moves work so well is because:

  • They Get Your Blood Pumping To Burn Stubborn Belly Fat
  • They Work Your Core In Every Plane Of Motion
  • They Work All Of The Muscles Of Your Core
  • They Target Those Trouble Areas Like Your Obliques (love handles) And Lower Abs
  • They Burn More Calories And Work More Muscles In Less Time!

These Cardio-Core Moves are COMPOUND EXERCISES that BURN FAT and BUILD MUSCLE to get you faster results!

Use Compound Exercises For The Fastest Way To A Strong, Lean Core!

The Core Challenge Focuses On Compound Exercises To Build Core Strength, Burn Stubborn Belly Fat To Get You Guaranteed Results In 30-Days.

The Core Challenge Workouts focus on compound exercises to get you faster results in less time. Compound Exercises are key because they help you burn more fat and build more muscle to get lean, toned, defined abs and a strong core!

The Core Challenge Workouts are broken down into 4 Categories. What kinds of workouts can you look forward to in the Challenge?

1. Full-Body Cardio-Core: 

In the Full-Body Cardio-Core Workouts, you’ll get your blood pumping while working your core from every angle. These workouts are High Intensity Interval Workouts and will leave you feeling worked from head to toe. These workouts are key to getting the BEST fat burning results while working your core from every angle!

2. Core Plus Lower Body Strength:

 In the Core Plus Lower Body Strength Workouts, you’ll burn a ton of calories by working the big muscles of your legs and core. You’ll strengthen your legs, work your abs and tone your glutes with these workouts. You can’t forget your glutes if you want a strong core that not only looks great but helps you prevent injury and move better in everyday life!

3. Core Plus Upper Body Strength:

Your abs will never have hurt so good as with the Upper Body and Core Strength Workouts! Love that look of lean abs that leaves the whole core looking toned and defined? Then you’ll love this workout! This workout will help you work those hard to target muscles throughout your core and even help you get a strong and sexy back and arms!

4. Core Activation:

Your abs and glutes will burn with these activation workouts. The only workouts to include some isolation exercises because sometimes you need to isolate your abs and glutes to get them working properly. These workouts will help you get even more out of your 30-days and even help you prevent low back, hip and knee pain!

What You Get With Your 30-Day Core Challenge:


The 30-Day Core Challenge Workout E-Book

This Guide includes your 30 Day Workout Program. The Workouts are broken down into 4 categories: Full-Body Cardio-Core, Core Plus Lower Body Strength, Core Plus Upper Body Strength and Core Activation. These workouts will help you get a strong, lean core in 30 days while burning that belly fat that often hides our abs. These workouts will also help you prevent and alleviate aches and pains!


Video Tutorials and Coaching

I’ll guide you through every step of the program and show you how to do all of the moves. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced exerciser, I’ll show you variations of each move to fit your level. And I’ll help coach you through the program so you get the most out of your workouts!


The 30-Day Core Challenge Exercise E-Book

If you’re on the go, you can always take your Exercise Guide with you in case you forget a move. Each exercise is broken down with pictures and descriptions so even when you aren’t online or watching a video you can easily get in your workouts!


Access to our Members Only! Group

Two keys to success are ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT. You’ll get both in the Redefining Strength Members Only! Group. Whether you need support or help modifying a workout, I’ll be there to help you and so will all of the RS community!

Get Started TODAY And Get 75% OFF!

My Core Challenge is usually $30, but TODAY I’m giving you over 75% off. You can get the Challenge for just $7 and get started working toward a strong, lean core!

Enter code CHALLENGE at checkout to get the Core Challenge for only $7.

Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers!

What Kinds Of Workouts Are In The Program?

As I mentioned before, the workouts are broken into four categories: full-body cardio-core, core plus lower body strength, core plus upper body strength and core activation. They will  help you build core strength while burning fat and even preventing injury over the 30 days.

These workouts require very little equipment and can be done anywhere.

Modifications are provided for beginner exercisers while ways to advance exercises are also provided for those more experienced and looking for an added challenge.

Beginner or Advanced - Can I Do This?

This program was created so that everyone from the beginner to the advanced exerciser could benefit from it. I’ve provided you with suggested modifications as well as ways to advance the movements.

Plus, you can email me at [email protected] at any time if you have any questions.

But, like with every fitness program you begin, it should only be done with your doctor’s or health care provider’s permission.

Will This Program Really Help Me Get Results?

YUP! That’s why I created this – to help you get a strong, lean core in only 30-days.

I provide a 60-day guarantee because I believe in the program and want you to get something that helps you get results. That is double the length of the program. I’ll give you a full refund if for any reason you are unsatisfied. I believe in the program and use these workouts, not only on myself, but also with all of my clients!

How Soon Will I Get The Program?

IMMEDIATELY! Once you buy, you can log in and access EVERYTHING!

You can watch all of the videos and download your guides. And if you ever delete your guides, they will always be there on your member home page!

What Equipment Do I Need?

We recommend you have a towel, tennis ball and pull up bar.

A foam roller is optional, but highly recommended. And if you don’t have a pull up bar, we will show you exercises you can do instead, but it is highly recommended that you get one!

Get 75% OFF And Build A Stronger, Leaner Core TODAY!

USUALLY $30, but TODAY I’m giving you over 75% off. You can get the Challenge for just $7 and get started working toward a strong, lean core!

Enter code CHALLENGE at checkout to get the Core Challenge for only $7.

Your Coach Cori From Redefining Strength

The benefits of a proper core training program go far beyond having six pack abs. A strong, defined core means you not only look better, but you feel better and move better.

And that is my goal for every person I coach – I want to help you gain confidence and feel and look great. I want you to be functionally strong so that you can take on any challenges that life throws your way.

That’s why I developed my 30-Day Core Challenge to help you develop a strong, lean core that not only looks great, but helps you feel great too!

These are my best workouts to help you activate your glutes and deep intrinsic core stabilizers while also strengthening the big muscles of your core with compound exercises that will help you get results faster. I’ll work your core from every angle so you can move well in every plane of motion.

Proper movement and a flat, lean, STRONG core depend on proper core training.

So who’s ready to get started working with me? 🙂

Get Started TODAY And Get 75% OFF!

My Core Challenge is usually $30, but TODAY I’m giving you over 75% off. You can get the Challenge for just $7 and get started working toward a strong, lean core!

Enter code CHALLENGE at checkout to get the Core Challenge for only $7.

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