The Mini Band is one of my favorite tools because it allows me to get in a full-body workout anywhere using some resistance. Plus, it freaking costs next to nothing…Always an added bonus in my book!

(I’ve linked to the mini band I have at home, at the gym and in my car…because people always ask which I use and these hold up the best with heavy use.)

Whether I’m looking to really activate and work my glutes like in my 28-Day Booty Burner¬†or I want to get in a full-body workout at home or when I travel, I always have my mini band on hand (other people may have chapstick or kleenex always on hand…well I have my mini band! Probably makes me weird, but I’m a-ok with that!)

Here is a great Full-Body Mini Band Workout because it is not only a great way to work those glutes!


The Full-Body Mini Band Workout

Set a timer for 1 minute intervals of work. Try to complete as many reps in that time as you can without resting. Record how many you get to try to beat it next round and even next workout.

Rest if you need, but remember your goal is as many reps as possible in the 1 minute. Rest 20 seconds between exercises and 1 minute between rounds.

Complete 3-5 rounds of the circuit below!

1 minute Mini Band Squats
20 seconds Rest
1 minute Lateral Push Up Walks
20 seconds Rest
1 minute Mini Band Glute Bridges (can do Single Leg to make it harder*)
20 seconds Rest
1 minute Half-Kneeling Single Arm Rows*
20 seconds Rest
1 minute Bicycles with Rotation
1 minute Rest

*For these do 30 seconds per side or you can switch as needed to keep moving.

Here is a video of not only these moves, but 24 Mini Band Moves for a full-body workout!

Get your own Mini Band HERE…Not sure what resistance to use? I recommend getting the variety pack. I find it is best so you have heavier ones to grow into and even lighter ones for some of the upper body moves!