The Muscle That Is KEY To Improving Your Running…

Runners – Want to be able to run faster? Want to be able to run further?!

Well guess what?

There is a way to do both and it doesn’t involve logging even more miles!

And what if the short 15-minute workouts you could add in could, at the same time, also prevent Runner’s Knee, Hamstring strains and pulls, High Hamstring Tendinopathy, IT Band injuries, hip and even low back pain?

You’d do them, right?

HECK YES! In a heartbeat!

So what are these amazing workouts that take only 15-minutes and can help you do ALL of that?

They are my Booty Burner Workouts.

I know…the name may seem silly but that is exactly what these workouts do – they activate your glutes and create that deep burn that means the muscles are really working and getting stronger.

And if you’re glutes aren’t strong my runner friend…You’re holding yourself back.

Our glutes power our running stride. And strong glutes can help us run further, faster with less risk for injury up and down our entire body.

But guess what!?!

All too often, our glutes AREN’T firing correctly…especially if we have a desk job or long commute where we spend hours upon hours stuck sitting hunched over in hip flexion.

Tight hips lead to under-active glutes.

And under-active glutes mean an inefficient running stride – aka we can’t run as fast or as far and we put ourselves at risk for injury as other muscles try to compensate.

Have you ever started training for a longer race or a new PR only to end up injured as you pushed yourself?

Heck sometimes that injury even happens right after the best run of our lives!

You think, “But I just had such a good run the other day! How could this happen!?”

It’s because muscles that can’t handle the load work harder to compensate for your glutes NOT working the way they should.

Your body is amazing in that it recruits whatever muscles it can to perform a movement. Which is why you may have a great run even right before you’re injured.

But those muscles that take on the load, when your glutes should really be working, end up becoming overworked and finally INJURED.

They may be strong enough to compensate for a bit…But they can only be overburdened for so long.

That is why glute activation is key.

Glute activation that works all three gluteal muscles to build glute strength, power and stability.

Workouts that really create the deep burn in the glutes because they combine isolation movements with light resistance and high volume.

And that is what my Booty Burner Workouts do.

Try this quick Booty Burner Workout before you run and feel the difference after that first workout.

(The bonus of this specific burner too is that it is unilateral and will even correct imbalances between your right and left sides!)

The Unilateral Booty Burner

Complete 2-4 rounds of the following circuit. Beginners may need to start with fewer rounds. Complete all exercises on one side then do the other side.

15 reps per side Quadruped Straight Leg Kickbacks
15 reps per side Quadruped Straight Leg Pulses
10 reps per side Hip Circles Forward and Backward
10 reps per side Bent-Knee Fire Hydrants

And if you’re ready to commit to getting your glutes activated and strong, don’t wait to join my 28-Day Booty Burner Program!

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