The Non “Gnarly” Workout

You don’t have to push yourself to the point of complete destruction every workout…Sometimes less is more…

That is why today I wanted to share an important workout with you…A workout that will help you get more out of your program and the intense workouts you do on the other days. A workout that will leave you feeling good and full of energy at the end.

This workout won’t destroy you in the least. It will simply get the correct muscles working. And you can’t skip it if you want real results. You can’t skip it just because it doesn’t leave you feeling destroyed.

This is the non gnarly workout you need to really get results from your complete program!

And you shouldn’t do MORE just because it didn’t kill you!

Sometimes these simple moves, the workouts that focus on creating a strong foundation, are what you’re missing…and the reason you aren’t getting the results you deserve even while working out intense and eating well!

Trust the process and try this Activation Workout!

Roll out.
Take some extra time to roll out today if you can!

5-8 rounds Inchworm Flow


Complete 3-5 rounds of each superset, resting as needed between rounds up to about 30 seconds. If you are short on time, complete at least 1 round of each superset. Although this is a great one to squeeze in even if you usually only do 3 workouts! It is key to preventing injury as you workout intensely!

20 reps Glute Bridges
10 reps per side Glute Bridge with Alternating Overhead Reach

20 reps Scapular Push Ups
10 reps Push Up Plus

30 seconds Dolphin Plank
30 seconds per side Side Plank Oblique Twists


You may go for a walk, bike ride or even do any sort of light cardio if desired for 15-30 minutes after this workout!

Roll out and Stretch:
Upper Back
Some Recommended Stretches:
Standing Chest Stretch
Half-Kneeling Hip and Quad Stretch