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Sick of training programs that aren’t getting results?

Our online training is exactly what you need to finally get the results you want!

Online Training Packages

We offer both online training and our Elite Workout Library at Redefining Strength.

Our online training is by application only. This offers a 100% customized monthly fitness and nutrition program with email, phone and video support. This a full time around the clock coaching program and the cost is significantly less than in person personal training. There is not long term commitment or contracts and purchase is subject to availability. If you’re ready and committed to make a big change in your life and need that last push and accountability, apply now!

In addition to the online training package, we also offer our elite workout library. This gives you access to over 100 workouts on any device with new workouts added weekly. It also includes video courses, follow along workouts, recipes, meal plans, e-books and our exercise library. It is a great way to get results without spending as much!

What You’ll Get In Our Platinum Program

A Complete Workout Program

Our workout programs lay out what you need to do every day and are tailored to your specific goals. Whether you are training for a sport or looking to lose weight, we will develop a program to help you succeed. Our workout routines are month-long progressions and each workout outlines everything you need to do from the warm up to the cool down.

A Custom Nutrition Program

If you want to achieve success, you need to eat according to your goals. That is why we provide nutritional guidance and meal plans with our online personal training. Whether you simply need heathy recipes and to be held accountable or you need your entire eating schedule planned out, we will develop a program to meet your needs.

Exercise Descriptions

With our workouts, we don’t leave you guessing on how to do the exercises we’ve included. We realize that QUALITY of movement is a key to success and important for injury prevention. That is why we provide you with elaborate exercise descriptions and video tutorials. We also review your form on exercises to make sure the moves are done correctly.

Recipes To Meet Your Needs

Short on time? Feeding a family? Hate cooking? We will provide you with recipes to meet your needs and make meal prep easy. Eating well doesn’t have to mean eating bland gross food. We will provide you with tasty recipes so that you can enjoy a new healthy lifestyle!

Our Private Facebook Group

A good support network is key to achieving success. That is why both our gold and platinum online training programs comes with access to our PRIVATE online Facebook community. In our private Facebook Group, you will have the support of other clients also working toward their goals. Whether you need advice, motivation, recipes or anything else the group there to help! You can access our group from any device so whether you’re at home or traveling, you’ll find the support you need!

Platinum Success Stories

“[In training] with Cori for a few months, I learned several pieces to a healthy, active lifestyle that had been missing and neglected by several other trainers I’ve worked with. I discovered more how our bodies use different foods and became more open to trying to find something that would work for ME, not just what all the media says is best. Her focus on bodyweight exercises, foam rolling, and pre-hab have gotten rid of aches that had lingered much longer than our few months together. Put all that together with more than 3 inches lost in my hips and thighs, Cori is a phenomenal trainer that is unlike so many others. She will be invaluable to your goals, no matter what they are!”
Kim C.

South Carolina

“I wasn’t involved in fitness or sports all my life; I didn’t eat well until 4 years ago. I know a drop in the bucket about the fitness world. That’s why I’m so glad I started doing online training at Redefining Strength with Cori. I am learning how to progress and challenge myself in a logical program. I am learning the why behind the exercises and how to not injure myself trying for movements beyond my capacity.
Shannon S.


“Cori has definitely helped me take my nutrition and workouts to the next level. She customized a nutrition plan and workouts to meet my goals and my schedule; all while making the process enjoyable. She shows great commitment to me as a client, is supportive, motivates, and has helped my overall confidence.
Edgar M.


Apply For Our Platinum Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Package Is Right For Me?

Our Platinum Program is for those who potentially have more complicated goals and/or specific needs and need the extra accountability. This program is 100% personalized based on your fitness level, goals, any injuries you may have and the exact equipment you have available. Need workouts for home and for when you travel? Your program can include both. It will have exactly what YOU need. And it comes with 24/7 support as well as any nutritional guidance, meal plans or recipes you may need to help you reach your goals. This program is 100% personalized designed for only you!

For the Platinum Program, you must apply. We want committed people that are going to stick to the program as the program is specifically made for you and we only take on a few clients at a time.

If you are looking for something to help you reach your goals that isn’t as much of a commitment, then you should check out our Elite Workout Library options!


What Happens After I Apply For Platinum Training?

After applying to our Platinum Program, we will review your application. We may then email you with a few follow up questions. If we both then feel that the program is right for you, and there is a spot open, we will start creating your personalized workout program.

Depending on when you apply, if you are approved, you will be able to start your new program in under a week. There may need to be form reviews and assessment workouts prior to starting.

Some things to consider, and include in your application, when applying to speed up the process:

  • Be as specific as possible with your goals
  • Include injuries that you have or have had
  • List off some equipment you have access to
  • Tell us a bit about your current program

You can include these details in the “Goals” portion of the application.

Will The Training Meet My Goals?

Absolutely! Whether you apply to the Gold or Platinum Program, our workout programs are designed to not only give you a great workout, but also help you get stronger and look and feel better!

Especially with the Platinum Package, your specific goals shape the program that is created for you!

So whether you want to lose 15lbs, get stronger, tone up or prevent injury, our programs can help you reach your goals!

Is There A Contract?

While there is no contract for any of our packages, we suggest you make a commitment to apply yourself for at least 3 months.

Your health and fitness and our personal training programs are not designed to be a a quick fix. They’re designed to create changes that last a life time.

While you’ll see significant changes both physically and mentally during your first month. It is unlikely you’ll develop lifelong habits in your first month. Remember it takes time, and you have to be willing to put in the hard work!

What Is Priority Support?

Priority support means your emails will be filtered and given high priority status. You can generally expect a response back within a couple hours (unless you send a message in the middle of the night of course). At the very latest you’ll hear back within 12-24 hours. In addition to priority emails you can post in the private facebook group and receive fast answers to your questions there as well!

We will be there to guide you and help hold you accountable. We will be there to help make the workouts meet your needs. Heck, we will be there if you simply even need a pep talk!

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