Supplements FULLY CUSTOMIZED To Your Body, Goals, Needs and Nutritional Gaps

Welcome to the future of supplementation

A One of a Kind Supplement Designed Just For You

Most supplements and vitamins provide an oversimplified and artificial compilation of nutrients at doses that don’t align with what your body actually needs. Age, gender, health status, lifestyle, dietary restrictions, and even genetic makeup should all play into your supplement plan. A one size fits all approach, as seen in over the counter multivitamins, fails to address these unique differences.


We’re bridging this gap by providing tailored nutrient dosages(down to the milligram) that align precisely with YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS. There’s been emerging research in the field of nutrigenomics (which is the study of the relationship between nutrition and genetics) that has revealed that genetic variations can significantly impact nutrient metabolism and requirements. Let us create you a vitamin and supplement formula unique to you, taking these genetic factors into account. We take over 230 of the highest quality formula and customize it down to the microgram for your exact nutritional needs.

Quality Ingredients. No Artificial Fillers.

We’ve carefully sourced every ingredient from top suppliers to ensure the quality and efficacy of our professional grade ingredients.

Each formula is 100% artificial filler free and designed for you. All of our formulations are tested three times in our production process: when we receive raw materials, during production and the final product. We do both internal and 3rd party testing, including microbiological testing, physical testing, analytical concentration testing (ex. ICP-MS, HPLC), and identity testing (FT-IR).

Registered Dietitian Created and Supervised

Your unique supplement will be created by a Registered Dietitian. The involvement of a Redefining Strength Registered Dietitians (RD) in the process adds a layer of medical oversight and ensures that the supplements are based on the latest scientific research and health guidelines.

This professional involvement mitigates the risks associated with self prescribed over the counter vitamins and ensures that the supplements are both safe and effective. We’ll can even adjust and modify your formula as your goals and lifestyles change. By tailoring supplements to your individual needs, we can maximize the benefits and minimize risk and waste, supporting overall health and wellness in a way that generic multivitamins cannot.

More Cost Effective than Buying Individual Supplements

Generic supplements not only come with dosage issues but it comes at a higher price tag. 

A an example if you were to take a high quality Calcium, omega 3, vitamin D, Magnesium, and CoQ supplement you would end up paying DOUBLE the price you would compared to getting one custom formulated to you. That’s before we even include any specific ingredients you need. Pricing starts as low as $3 per day.