The 28-Day Booty Burner Challenge

Develop a strong and sexy butt with these simple Burner Workouts to get your glutes activated!

Quick Burner Workouts

Our Burner Workouts are quick workouts you can do anywhere that will “burn out” and pump your glutes to get you results without lifting weights.

Workouts On Any Device

Access your Booty Burner Workouts anywhere, anytime. You can use your workouts on any device and take them with you even when you travel.

Get Your Glutes Activated

Many programs ignore one key piece of the puzzle – glute activation. Stop wasting time on programs that don’t work and get your glutes activated!

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Want to learn more about our Burner Workout System and what makes it different? Read on about how the program will get your glutes activated and work them from every angle for better results!

What Makes The 28-Day Booty Burner Challenge Different?


We’ve created a Challenge based around a workout design called a BURNER.

A BURNER is a workout specifically designed to target and “burn out” the glutes because the butt is a very different muscle group than the rest of our body. Often weights and compound movements are all we need to strengthen and tone the rest of our body.

But that isn’t the case with our booty.

Our glutes need a special program that isolates them and makes sure that they are activated so they can get a pump. That “pump” is what leads to results.

While many programs use a ton of lunges and squats because those moves make your glutes sore so you think you are getting results, they don’t necessarily build a better booty. Because they don’t burn out the glutes.

Our Booty Burner Program and the Burner Workouts are specifically designed to burn out the glutes and not simply make you sore. Our Burner Workouts are quick workouts using moves that exercisers at any level can do ANYWHERE.

What makes the difference is not only the moves we’ve included, but how we’ve combined them in the workouts. The circuits and supersets are designed with specific rep, set and even rest intervals to get you results FAST.

And the best part is, you don’t need weights; HOWEVER, you can still maintain your strength!

So don’t waste hours in the gym, get results using these specific BOOTY BURNERS!

Get a peak inside the Guide below!

Work Those Glutes From Every Angle

With our Booty Burner Workouts, you will work your glutes from every angle to get all three gluteal muscles pumped and activated. Working all three muscles is key to developing strong, sexy glutes while also keeping your hips healthy.

Do The Burner Workouts Anywhere!


When you get your digital guide, you will be able to use it on any device. And because these workouts require little equipment, a chair and only resistance bands you can take with you, you can do these workouts anywhere.

They are perfect home workouts or even hotel room workouts for when you travel. And if you are busy and short on time, they are the perfect way to still get in a workout because they are quick.

Quick workouts you can take with you anywhere that will help strengthen and tone your glutes!?! HECK YES!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Types Of Workouts Are Included In The Booty Burner Challenge?

The Booty Burner Challenge contains quick circuit and superset workouts. Each of these workouts focus on working your glutes in different ways.

There are unilateral workouts to isolate each side to help correct imbalances. There are bridge workouts to open up your hips as you activate your glutes.

There are workouts to work the glute maximus. Workouts to work the glute medius and minimus. Workouts to work all three gluteal muscles.

These workouts will make sure to burn out and pump your glutes to help you get great results!

What Equipment Do I Need?

All you need is a Mini Band, a single Resistance Band and a chair, table, bench or even a bed to use. You can basically do these workouts anywhere, which make them a great option for when you travel or when you need to get in a quick workout at home.

What Makes These Workouts Work So Well?

These workouts are focused on activating and burning out the glutes. That is why they work so well.

All too often we do workouts with moves that don’t actually force our glutes to work. We end up compensating and recruiting other muscles instead because our glutes are inactive.

The Booty Burner Challenge helps us make sure we are actually forcing our glutes to work. These workouts will not only strengthen and tone our glutes, but also help us lift more weight and recruit our butt cheeks during other moves like squats or deadlifts.

When doing the Burner Workouts, make sure you feel those glutes working and concentrate on contracting them as hard as you can!

What If I Need Help?

With the Booty Burner Challenge, you get 24/7 email support. So if you have a questions, don’t hesitate to message us and we will help out. Whether you need modifications or simply don’t understand something, we will help you out!

How Long Do These Workouts Take?

All of the workouts, including the warm up and foam rolling, will take under 30 minutes.

Some will even take under 15 minutes depending on how much time you spend stretching and rolling.

You can even use most of them as part of your warm up for your current leg workouts or as finishers if you want to maintain your current workout routine.

Do I Have To Be An Advanced Exerciser To Do These?

Because the workouts are designed to isolate the glutes and include basic movements, all levels should be able to do them. They are also great for people of all ages and even people who’ve suffered from knee, ankle, hip and low back injuries in the past.

These movements are meant to activate the glutes, which will help prevent injury. And because none of the workouts require weights or use high impact moves, they really are fit for all levels and ages!

However, beginner exercisers not used to doing these moves may have to focus more on making sure they actually feel their glutes work.

Check Out Some Of The Workouts

Here are some of the great workouts inside our Booty Burner Challenge. These workouts will burn out the glutes and work them from every angle!

Unilateral Burner

This workout uses only your own bodyweight and isolates each side to help correct imbalances.

Correcting imbalances helps prevent injury and develops strong glutes!

Yoga Booty Burner

This bodyweight workout strengthens your glutes while improving your mobility.

Proper mobility is key to truly getting your glutes to fire and work properly!

Mini Band Burner

The Mini Band is a great tool to really get those glutes pumped and worked from every angle.

Strengthen all three gluteal muscles with this Mini Band Burner!

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Join today and get instant access to the program as well as 24/7 email support!

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