The Fat-Burning Core Workout

If you want to strengthen your core and burn some fat, this workout is for you!

It is a killer 25-minute workout that will work your entire body and get your blood pumping while helping you tone and strengthen your abs and entire core!

The Core Workout Of The Day:

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, resting 15 seconds in between exercises. Move from one exercise to another. Do not rest during the 30 seconds of work or rest extra between rounds. Complete 5 rounds of the circuit below.

30 seconds Jack Burpee
15 seconds Rest
30 seconds Skater Hops
15 seconds Rest
30 seconds Crawling
15 seconds Rest
30 seconds Rocking Chair Abs
15 seconds Rest
30 seconds Mountain Climbers
15 seconds Rest
30 seconds Superman Banana
15 seconds Rest

See The Exercises Below:

Jack Burpee

Skater Hops


Rocking Chair Abs

Mountain Climbers

Superman Banana

This is just ONE example of the workouts you can do to burn fat and strengthen and tone your core for a flatter, more defined stomach. For the BEST RESULTS though, I recommend my 30-Days To A Strong, Defined Core Program.

If you are serious about strengthening your core, toning your stomach and getting flat strong abs that not only LOOK GREAT but help you FEEL GREAT and PREVENT INJURY, then my 30 day program is for you!

Learn more about it below!

Get a tight, flat stomach and a functionally strong core that helps you move better, feel better and LOOK BETTER…

With the 30-Days To A Strong, Defined Core Plan!

Ready for a Strong, Defined, SEXY Core that helps you LOOK and FEEL BETTER?

When it comes to training your core, you’ve got to do more than crunches because you need to work everything between your shoulders down your frontside AND your backside. You’ve got to work your lower abs, upper abs, obliques, glutes, deep core intrinsic stabilizers…even your back!

To make sure your entire core gets worked over the 30 days, my workouts use compound core exercise, including plank variations, glute activation exercises, crunchless core moves, hanging ab exercises and even some full-body bodyweight moves.

So if you’re ready to start strengthening your core, join my 30-Days to a Sexy, Defined Core Program!

The Benefits Of Core Training:

Do you want to look better, move better and feel better?

Then focusing on working your core is ESSENTIAL!

Whether or not a six pack is your goal, training your core properly is key to moving better and feeling better.

A proper Core Training Program will help you:

  • Build a stronger core
  • Prevent and alleviate low back, hip and knee pain
  • Run faster
  • Lift more
  • Reduce your risk of future injury
  • Look better
  • Feel more confident
  • Move better
  • And yes…Have a flatter, more defined stomach…even if you aren’t shooting for that six pack!

The 3 Core Training Techniques That Will Get You Results In 30 Days…

Technique #1: Fat Burning Cardio-Core Workouts

If you want results, your core training program has to build strength, but also burn fat. That is why core-intensive, full-body cardio workouts are essential!

These workouts need to focus on your core while getting your blood pumping.

Your workout schedule needs to include cardio-core workouts to help you burn the stubborn belly fat that often hides those strong, defined abs. Doing a ton of crunches isn’t going to burn enough fat or calories to reveal your abs. Heck even planks and really great compound core exercises aren’t enough.

You’ve got to really get your blood pumping as you strengthen your core to get fast results!

Technique #2: Work The Big Muscle Groups

If you want a stronger core and a flatter stomach, you can’t simply work your abs – you’ve got to work the large muscles of your core, using compound moves to work more muscle groups at once.

Compound exercises that work the large muscles of your core all at once burn more calories in less time and help you build more lean muscle mass for that toned and sculpted look.

Technique #3: Work The Core From EVERY Angle

You’ve got to work your core from every angle – that means twisting, turning, moving forward, backward and even laterally. It means you’ve got to move in every plane of motion to work your core from every angle to target not only your upper abs but also your lower abs, obliques, glutes, back, shoulders, quads and even inner thighs.

Working your core from every angle means faster and better results that will have you not only looking better, but moving and feeling better!

A core that can move in every plane of motion looks great and is functional strong to help you prevent injury!

Here’s What Included In Your 30-Day Program:


Exercise Video Library


Video Coaching and Guidance


30-Day Workout E-Book


30-Day Exercise E-Book


Access to our Members Only! Group


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Your Coach Cori From Redefining Strength

As I mentioned before, the benefits of a proper core training program go far beyond having six pack abs. A strong, defined core means you not only look better, but you feel better and move better.

And that is my goal for every person I coach – I want to help you gain confidence and feel and look great. I want you to be functionally strong so that you can take on any challenges that life throws your way.

That’s why I developed my 30-Day core program to help you develop a strong, defined core.

These are my best workouts to help you activate your glutes and deep intrinsic core stabilizers while also strengthening the big muscles of your core with compound exercises that will help you get results faster. I’ll work your core from every angle so you can move well in every plane of motion.

Proper movement and a flat, defined stomach depend on proper core training.

So who’s ready to get started working with me? 🙂


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Kinds Of Workouts Are In The Program?

This program includes strength-core workouts, cardio-core workouts, activation workouts and even recovery workouts to help you build core strength while burning fat and even preventing injury.

These workouts require very little equipment and can be done anywhere.

Modifications are provided for beginner exercisers while ways to advance exercises are also provided for those more experienced and looking for an added challenge.

Beginner or Advanced - Can I Do This?

This program was created so that everyone from the beginner to the advanced exerciser could benefit from it. I’ve provided you with suggested modifications as well as ways to advance the movements.

Plus, you can email me at [email protected] at any time if you have any questions.

But, like with every fitness program you begin, it should only be done with your doctor’s or health care provider’s permission.

Will This Program Really Help Me Get Results?

YUP! That’s why I created this – to help you get a strong, defined core.

This program uses my 4 Core Training Techniques to help you get results fast, guaranteed!

How Soon Will I Get The Program?

IMMEDIATELY! Once you buy, you can log in and access EVERYTHING!

You can watch all of the videos and download your guides. And if you ever delete your guides, they will always be there on your member home page!

What Equipment Do I Need?

We recommend you have a towel, tennis ball and pull up bar.

A foam roller is optional, but highly recommended. And if you don’t have a pull up bar, we will show you exercises you can do instead, but it is highly recommended that you get one!

Get Started - 30-Days To A Strong, Defined Core!

Join today and get instant access to the program. All of the exercises, workouts, VIDEO COACHING AND DEMONSTRATIONS that you could need to succeed! You’ll also gain access to our private Facebook Community and 24/7 email support!

A value of $77 for just $30! SAVE $47!

Join Today - Only $30!
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