The Iso Burner

Isometrics are a great way to improve our stability AND even our flexibility. And when you combine an isometric hold followed by reps you can work an area even more in less time. You’ll feel that burn adding up!

That is why for my Core Burner program I created an Iso Burner. This workout will strengthen your foundation, but boy will you feel the moves burn! hehe

The Iso Burner

Complete 20 seconds of the Isometric hold followed by 20 seconds of repetitions then switch to the other side or move on to the next exercise. Make sure to complete both moves (the hold then reps) on one side before switching. Complete 2 rounds of the circuit below. Beginners can rest as needed between rounds.


20 seconds per side Warrior III
20 seconds per side Warrior III Abs
20 seconds High Plank Hold
20 seconds Push Up Holds
20 seconds Squat Hold
20 seconds Squat Pulses
20 seconds per side Side Plank Tree Pose
20 seconds per side Side Plank Front to Back Toe Touch

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