The Mini Band Booty Burner

The Mini Band is a great way to activate and burn out your glutes from every angle. Using the Mini Band, you can target all three glute muscles and focus on building and strengthening your entire butt.

These moves will get your glutes firing to help tone your glutes while also strengthening them to help you prevent low back pain, hip and even knee pain. It is one of my activation workouts from my 28-Day Booty Burner Program.

Complete 2-4 rounds of the following circuit. Do not rest between exercises or rounds. Beginners may need to start with fewer rounds while more advanced exercisers, or exercisers who’ve done this before, will want to do more rounds.

However, you should not need more than 4 rounds or you didn’t do a hard enough variation. More than 4 rounds is overkill and will probably lead to you compensating.

20 reps Mini Band Glute Bridge
15 reps per side Mini Band Clams
15 reps per side Mini Band Quadruped Straight Leg Lifts
15 reps per side Mini Band Lying Lateral Raises

For all 28 days of booty burning workouts to activate, strengthen and tone those glutes, click below.

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