We’ve all heard planks are a great core move. But using some fun plank variations, you can not only work your abs, obliques, shoulders and legs but also your GLUTES!

That is why to go with my Core Burner program I created 5 Bodyweight Booty Burners, including the Plank Booty Burner! This workout will strengthen your entire core and boy will you feel those abs and glutes working!

The Plank Booty Burner

To do the Plank Booty Burner, set a timer for 30 second intervals of work and move right from one exercise to the next. Complete 2-4 rounds through without resting. Beginners may rest up to 30 seconds between rounds otherwise use the Lower Ab Plank as rest for your upper body. (To modify any planks, try them off an incline with your hands on a bench or box or couch even!)

30 seconds Forearm Plank Kickbacks
30 seconds per side Side Plank Front to Back Toe Touch
30 seconds Posterior Plank
30 seconds Lower Ab Plank

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