This Important Glute Muscle – The Gluteus Medius


You know those silly looking lying leg raises Jane Fonda used to do?

Or those Fire Hydrant quadruped leg lifts that feel so silly…like you’re a dog taking a pee?

Those moves…well those moves are more important than you know.

They are essential activation moves because they get your Glute Medius firing and your glute medius is ESSENTIAL to hip stability.

3 Fun Glute Medius Facts…

  1. A stronger glute medius means better landing mechanics, running mechanics and squat mechanics…Aka just about everything is better.
  2. Activation and strengthening of the glute medius is key to preventing pain and injury in your lower body. Inhibition/impairment of the glute medius has been shown to contribute to lumbar spine, hip and knee pain and even Achilles tendinopathy. Even without pain it can contribute to knee valgus and increase your risk for ACL injury.
  3. Strengthening your glute medius can help your glute maximus function better. And if your glute max is working better, you body will perform better!

So while I know those abduction moves may seem silly, it is key you work your glute medius!

Try this great series below to activate your glute medius. Perform 1-2 rounds of it before your workout!

Side Balance Activation Series

Complete 1-2 rounds as part of your warm up or even up to 4 rounds as part of a booty burner! Do not rest between moves, completing all three moves on one side before switching, but rest between sides, or even up to 45 seconds as needed between rounds.

10-15 reps per side per way Side Balance Forward/Backward Circles
10-15 reps per side Side Balance Leg Raises
10-15 reps per side Side Balance Leg Curls

Use this series and activate that glute medius!

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To get all three gluteal muscles activated and strong, check out my 28-Day Booty Burner.

These 28-days of activation workouts can help unlock tight hips and get your glutes working to help you run faster, lift more and prevent injury!


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