Unapologetically Me – Big Tees and Booty Shorts

I don’t wear make up 90% of the time. And often put my hair up without combing it.

I love big t-shirts and short shorts.

I wear what I wear because I like how it feels and looks even if it isn’t totally “in style.”

I actually love the way that gel nail polish feels, but I don’t care if my socks match my outfit.

I talk fast and ramble often. I don’t care if you think I talk too much.

I have a habit of picking at my calluses when I’m bored or simply even sitting too long…(Ok this one is probably a habit I should stop haha).

But I am who I am. And pretty freaking proud of it.

I do things that make me 100% true to me.

I don’t do it for “likes” and I don’t care if you post on my video “No tits, no like.”

I feel no need to wear just a bra or do my make up or hair just for you.

But if I want to have someone do my make up and make me look all girly, I’m not going to let you put me down for doing that either.

When you comment “I’d tap that” all I can think is…”Well I have standards so no thanks.”

I’ll wear a shirt that covers everything one day and booty shorts the next. Cause guess what?! I like both.

I’ll explain things in my own fast talking, overly excited way.

I will not apologize or let you change me being me.

People will give you their opinions. And well…I guess they are entitled to them.

But we don’t have to listen.

Don’t apologize for you being you. #unapologeticallyme

You are beautiful and amazing as YOU.

– Cori

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