Want Sexy Glutes? No Gym Needed – Try These Quick Bodyweight Series!

People have gotten stuck in this mentality that to get results, they need to spend hours in the gym – that they need some fancy equipment.

When that just isn’t the case.

And while I love weights and functional tools…heck I own a gym…of course I love it…You don’t NEED anything to get great results.

ESPECIALLY if you’re after activating, strengthening and SEXIFYING (haha now a word!) your glutes!

All you really need is your bodyweight, some isolation moves, higher repetitions and the right workout design.

Because using higher reps, lower resistance and the right moves (moves that work all three gluteal muscles and even work on hip extension to unlock your hips) in the right burner combo, can get those glutes pumped and burning in under 10 minutes.

And here are two Bodyweight Series you can use to do just that! Nothing fancy. No gym needed. Just two Bodyweight Booty Burners to get SEXY, ACTIVATED glutes!

The Side Lying Bodyweight Burner Series #1:

To do this series, you will do 20-30 reps of each move before moving on to the next exercise. Complete all moves on one side then switch to the other side and repeat the circuit on that side. Rest for up to 30 seconds between rounds. Complete 2-3 rounds through.

The key with all of these moves is to keep your top leg AT LEAST 8 inches above your bottom leg. 12-15 inches up is even better. And make sure your toe doesn’t rotate open as you lift. Keep your foot parallel or toe turned slightly toward the ground.

20-30 reps per side Side Lying Leg Lifts
20-30 reps per side Side Lying Front Kicks
20-30 reps per side Side Lying Back Kicks
20-30 reps per side Side Lying Front to Back Swings
20-30 reps per side Side Lying Bicycles

The Bridge Bodyweight Burner Series #1:

Bridges are one of the best bodyweight booty moves. They open your hips and allow you to get one of the best glute contractions out there. They are a perfect core move!

To do this series, you will do 20 reps of each move. Make sure to brace your abs so you don’t feel your low back taking over. It doesn’t matter how high you bridge up if you are hyperextending your low back instead of extending your hips. Focus on really squeezing your glutes at the top and even pausing to assess if they are contracting. Especially on the Basic Bridge, you want to hold for a 2 count at the top. Go right from one move to the next. Then rest up to 30 seconds between rounds. Complete 2-3 rounds through the series.

20 reps 2-Count Top Hold Basic Glute Bridge
20 reps Glute Bridge with March
20 reps Frog Bridges
20 reps Tabletop Bridges

Using these Bodyweight Booty Burner Series, you can get your glutes activated, strong and TONED (aka perky, firm, lifted) WITHOUT going to the gym! Quick and effective. Feel the burn!

Glute activation is ESSENTIAL! Learn more about glute activation and what you can do to get your glutes working correctly while unlocking your hips HERE!

–> Get the sexy, toned glutes you want that not only LOOK and FEEL great but also PREVENT PAIN AND INJURY so you can run faster and lift more. <–

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