Carbs are not bad. Fats are not bad. Protein is not bad. Heck even indulging in ice cream and cookies is not bad!

I seriously hate that we’ve started demonizing foods. That we’ve labeled foods as “bad” or “off limits.”

And you’re probably thinking right now, “Well processed foods are bad for you!”

Ok yes…processed foods are definitely not the best fuel. They aren’t necessarily “healthy.”

But honestly, demonizing does nothing to benefit you!

Because guess what!? That processed crap tastes freaking good sometimes.

And indulging and not stressing may do more for your health than stressing over avoiding those certain foods.

Ok now…Don’t go thinking I’m telling you that you should just go eat anything that you want and binge so that you don’t “stress.”

But what I am saying is there has to be a balance and that eating well and reaching your goals doesn’t have to mean demonizing a food and cutting it completely out from your diet, especially if you enjoy it!

Because when you do that…when you say a food is bad and you can never eat it…you honestly start thinking about it and craving it even more.

Which usually leads to a binge.

And binging is what is truly not good for us.

Binging generally leads us down a bad path. A path of guilt and weight gain and feeling like crap. It sends us into a bad cycle that stresses us out even more and can often make us.

binge cycle

Binging is not healthy. Binging and guilt are not good for our health AT ALL.

Carbs. Fats. Protein…Heck even the indulgence in processed food…Well that can all fit a healthy lifestyle.

Because getting results is about consistency and balance. Eating well isn’t about never indulging or about cutting out the foods you love or avoiding an entire macro altogether.

Eating well can and should fit your busy lifestyle.

So stop demonizing foods! Don’t overcomplicate things!

Start by dialing in the basics. Focus on whole natural foods. Eat when you are hungry. Focus on protein.

Actually, focusing on protein in my opinion is key.

Don’t worry about whether or not you should be eating fruit. Aka stop micromanaging things when the basic macros aren’t dialed in.

Gosh that one KILLS me. People are so quick to demonize fruit.

A freaking whole natural food!

Yes, fruit is sugar. Yes it is carbs.

But that can be so freaking good for you! And the more intense your workouts, the more carbs play an important role in your nutrition. And fruits taste freaking good. They are a great sweet treat.

So don’t demonize fruit. Don’t demonize whole, natural foods especially.

Don’t micromanage when the basics aren’t dialed in.

Because the more you start micromanaging things and cutting crap out, the more stress you are placing on yourself. And crap…most of us are too stressed out as is! We don’t need any more.

We don’t need to exert any more self-control!

So stop demonizing foods!

Focus on dialing in the basics.

Enjoy the foods you eat. And start tracking your food. If you track what you eat, you can make real changes. You can see if you are truly focusing on protein. You can make adjustments without cutting out the things you love most!

And if you need some help, check out my Macro Hacks. Learn how to keep enjoying the foods you love while getting the results you want from your diet!

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