MAX Glute Activation

Work Your Glutes From Every Angle!

ATTENTION men and women who want to get their glutes activated WITHOUT spending hours in the gym…

In Only 15-Minutes, You Can Get Max Glute Activation To Strengthen and Sculpt Shapely Glutes While Also Preventing Pain And Injury And Building A Stronger Core!

Feel Your Glutes Get Stronger By The Day As You Follow The 28 Day Max Glute Activation Plan Below – All You Need Is 15 MINUTES!


Sick Of Doing Squats To Only Have Your Legs Get Bigger With No Change In Your Glutes?


Sick Of Low Back Pain That Plagues You No Matter What You Do?


Sick Of Inactive Glutes And A Butt That Doesn't Look The Way You Want It To?

Are You Ready To For Your Glutes To Be Activated, Stronger And More Toned In 28 Days?


Ready For A Quick And Easy Way To Get Your Glutes Activated?


Ready For Strong Glutes That Prevent Pain And Injury?


Ready For A Sexy, Shapely Butt That You Feel Looks Great?!?


Ready For A Strong CORE As Well As Activated Glutes?

And The BEST Part Of This 28-Day Max Glute Activation Plan?!?

You Can Do All Of This In Only 15-Minutes At Home WITHOUT Expensive Equipment OR Cardio!

You DON’T need fancy equipment or heavy weights to get your glutes activated. You DON’T need to spend hours in the gym. You DON’T need cardio or squats or even deadlifts to get your glutes activated.

Actually all you need is your own bodyweight and about a $3 Mini Band.


Because most people can contract their glutes HARDER with bodyweight activation exercises. Yup that’s right. People actually contract their glutes harder during bodyweight activation moves than during heavy squats and deadlifts because during those heavy lifts we tend to use our quads and hamstrings to assist and sometimes even TAKE OVER for our glutes.

The movements that are BEST for glute activation can be done with minimal resistance.

Remember the glutes are a large muscle group that are often inactive and underused because of hip tightness due to sitting at a desk, in the car or even when we cycle or bike.


And that requires LESS THAN 15 minutes of focused, isolated glute activation exercises, all of which can be done AT HOME.

Want to learn how you can get your glutes activated to create your best butt ever!?! 🙂

The 3 Keys To MAX Glute Activation:

Key #1 – Isolated Glute Exercises Are KEY To Activation

Compound exercises are great. I love them and use them as much as possible EXCEPT when it comes to glute activation. When it comes to getting those glutes activated and working so you can get a strong, shapely butt, isolation exercises are the BEST…HANDS DOWN!

Our glutes are often inactive and underused and compound exercises don’t force them to engage. Actually if you are only doing compound exercises WITHOUT first activating your glutes, you may not only be OVERUSING other muscles, but also putting yourself at risk for injury. 

Plus, you aren’t activating or working your glutes at all! Which isn’t that the whole point!?!

So if you want to get your glutes activated and working properly, you need to focus on isolated glute exercises. That is why our 28-Day Max Glute Activation Plan works so well.

All of the Max Glute Activation Workouts isolate and ACTIVATE your glutes in under 15 minutes!

Key #2 – Bridging Exercises Create CONSTANT TENSION For FASTER Results

No matter how many deadlifts and squats you do, your glutes may never get activated or become stronger and more toned.

Actually if you aren’t including BRIDGING EXERCISES in your program, you aren’t getting the best results.

What and why are bridging exercises key?

Bridging Exercises, like the Glute Bridge, are essential moves to include because they stretch your hips WHILE activating your glutes and putting them under CONSTANT TENSION!

Opening up your hips while activating your glutes is so important because it helps makes your glutes more activate when you do other exercises and lift, move and RUN in every day life!

The constant tension created by glute bridges is also key because our glutes respond well to not only higher volume, but MORE TIME UNDER TENSION.

That is why the 15-Minute Max Glute Activation Plan includes some workouts focused on Bridging Movements ONLY!

Key #2 – Work Your Glutes From EVERY Angle

Your glutes are made up of 3 glute muscles – the maximus, medius and minimus. If you don’t work all three, you won’t get the perkier, shapely glutes that look oh so sexy. AND you won’t have the functionally strong glutes that prevent injury and help you lift more and run faster!

If you want strong, sexy glutes, you’ve got to work your glutes from every angle and use exercises that work them in every plane of motion.

Moving in every plane of motion challenges all three muscles to get you faster results and get everything activated to prevent low back, hip and knee pain while helping you shape sexy glutes!

What does it mean to move in every plane of motion? It means you need to do bridging exercises, fire hydrants, hip circles – moves that make your glutes work up and down, forward and backward, laterally (aka side-to-side) and even rotationally.

If you AREN’T working in every plane of motion, you may not end up with truly activated, strong and shapely glutes!

That is why the Max Glute Activation program focuses on working your glutes from every angle to get you great results in just 28 days!

Why Is Glute Activation So Important?

My guess is that you’ve heard of GLUTE ACTIVATION before checking out this page. You actually probably came to this page BECAUSE you wanted to get your glutes activated and working properly.

Glute Activation is so important because our glutes are ESSENTIAL to not only feeling and looking great but also MOVING WELL. And the hard part is, usually our glutes are inactive!

So whether you are:

  • Suffering from low back, hip or knee pain
  • Sick of getting injured when you run
  • Looking to build STRONGER glutes
  • Looking to get the TONED, STRONG, LEAN butt that EVERYONE WANTS…

You came to this page to find a solution to your glute activation problem. You’re looking for a solution to get your glutes activated because you know it is key to moving and feeling better!

And the 28-Day MAX Glute Activation Plan is the answer!

This program is ONLY focused on activation…not only squats or deadlifts or selling you something you don’t need.

I want you to get results in 28 days, spending 15 minutes a day which is why I created the 28-Day MAX Glute Activation Plan!

Why Is The 28-Day Max Glute Activation Plan Priced So Low?

I wanted to make this an absolute offer you couldn’t refuse because I believe that glute activation is ESSENTIAL for everyone no matter their fitness goals.

Whether you want:

  • A perkier butt
  • A shapelier butt
  • Less low back pain
  • Less knee pain
  • Less hip pain
  • To be able to lift more
  • Run faster
  • Lose weight
  • FUNCTION and LOOK BETTER in everyday life…

You need to include glute activation in your workout routine.

That’s why I made this a simple, easy and affordable program that EVERYONE could do to get results.

And to be absolutely sure you are fully satisfied…

Get the 28-Day MAX Glute Activation Plan TODAY for only $9.99!

Click The “Add To Cart” Button Below And Instantly Receive Your Discounted Price Of Only $9.99 Today…

I really look forward to working with you!

Cori Lefkowith
Owner, Redefining Strength

P.S. Keep in mind that you’ve got to do the hard work. All you need to do is follow the 28-Day MAX Glute Activation Plan as it states, and you will instantly start seeing results and feeling better. So don’t delay, amazing results are waiting for you!

P.P.S. Remember, you’re getting instant online access to everything in the next 2-minutes – all for just ONE payment of $9.99 today.

P.P.P.S. Remember, I am taking all the risk because you are backed by my 60-day TRIPLE money back guarantee. So you can try this 100% RISK FREE for 60-days, then decide if it’s for you. And if you decide it’s not for you, you get your money back.


You’ve Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers…

What is the 28-Day Max Glute Activation Plan and why does it work so fast?

The 28-Day Max Glute Activation Plan is a 15-minute workout program that uses a unique style of glute activation workouts called Burners to burnout the glutes and get them activated and working.

The plan works because it includes 3 keys to glute activation – glute isolation, bridging exercises and multi-planar movements. These 3 things help isolate the glutes and put them under constant tension while working them from every angle to get you fast results.

Will I need equipment for the workouts?

The movements that target our glutes the best require minimal resistance which means you don’t need any fancy or expensive equipment.

Your bodyweight, a $3 Mini Band and a couple of resistance bands are all you need.

Can I use this program more than once?

YES! I’m constantly using this program when I travel and have clients doing workouts from it every week! These workouts are essential to include in your workout routine to keep your glutes activated and help sculpt and tone them!


What if I have low back, hip or knee pain? Can I still do it?

YES! While you always want to consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise program and should see a therapist in person if suffering from injury, for low back, hip and knee aches and pains (once cleared by your doctor), this program will be helpful.

Activating your glutes and opening up your hips is KEY to getting rid of aches and pains!

What if I don’t want my butt to get super big?

Activation exercises tone the muscles of your butt.

This can actually make your butt look smaller if you store extra fat around your hips; HOWEVER, if you have a small, flat butt, it CAN help you add some shape and size to your glutes because you are adding muscle (the muscle that can actually help your butt look better no matter its size!)

So whether you are looking to grow or shrink your butt…or even simply TONE it and make it PERKIER…these workouts can help!

What if it doesn’t work for me?

Then it is FREE!

If you follow the simple workouts in the 28-Day Max Glute Activation plan and do exactly what they say and don’t skip a workout, and for ANY reason you are not satisfied, just email me and I will refund your money. Simple as that!

I’m making it just that simple because I want you to be able to get started with 28-Day Max Glute Activation Plan today with zero risk, knowing you’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose.


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