We all want results INSTANTLY.

Logically we know it doesn’t work that way. But yet we all continue to search for that “quick fix”…that “magic pill.”

I know even I do.

And while there is no quick fix that will bring us instant results, there are things we can do to get results faster. Because the faster we get results, the more we stay motivated to continue!

That is why I make sure my workouts use the following things. These 5 Tips help you get BETTER RESULTS in LESS TIME!

They aren’t a magic pill or quick fix. They are simply ways to make your workouts more efficient so you have to spend less time working out WHILE getting better, faster results from the time you do spend in the gym.

How To Get Better Results In Less Time – 5 Tips For Faster Results

1. Use Not Only Compound, But HYBRID Exercises

If you want the most bang for your buck in the least amount of time, you have to work more muscle groups at once…Especially the big muscles of your body like your back, chest and glutes.

If you’re wasting time on isolation exercises like bicep curls and tricep extensions, you aren’t building much muscles OR burning many calories. Plus you can’t spot reduce an area…So you’re basically wasting your time.

Instead if you started doing compound upper body moves like Push Ups and Pull Ups or Rows and Dips, you’ll work not only your arms, but also work the big muscles of your upper body to burn more calories in less time AND build more lean muscle.

By including compound exercises you work more muscles at once getting you faster results.

But you can be even MORE efficient with your workouts by taking compound exercises and COMBINING THEM to create Hybrid Exercises.

Hybrid Exercises combine movements so you work more muscles at once and even target them from different angles.

If you take the basic compound exercise of the Push Up and combine it with another move like the Bird Dog, you can now work your core even more while still targeting your upper body. These means you can strengthen more areas at once AND burn more calories.

PLUS, the Bird Dog will even engage your glutes!

So by combining two moves into one Push Up variation, you can work more muscles at once and even make the movement more core intensive! (And now the move will even work anti-rotational strength!)

bird dog push up

And you can do this with Squats and Planks and so many other moves!

(For workouts that use Hybrid Moves and will help you burn more calories and fat in less time, check out my 20-Minute Max Out!)

2. Adjust Your Rest And Work Intervals

So often we just focus on how long we are working for and pay little attention to our REST intervals.

But adjusting how long you rest can really play an important part in how quickly you get results from your workouts.

There are times where you will want to shorten rest and times where you will actually want to make it LONGER.

By playing around with how long you rest, you can change how hard you can go with work intervals and even the energy systems you are working on.

It isn’t just about working for longer!

Some of my FAVORITE work to rest intervals are below:

  • 30 seconds on, 15 seconds off
  • 20 seconds on move #1, 20 seconds on move #2, 20 seconds off
  • 20 seconds on, 40 seconds off
  • 1 minute on, 20 seconds off
  • 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off
  • 10 seconds on, 50 seconds off

See how many different options there are!?! And some have you working for 10 seconds at a super high intensity and then resting 5 times the amount you worked. The point of this is that each and EVERY time you work, you can work at 100% max effort. AKA these are true sprints.

On the other hand, 1 minute of work with 20 seconds of rest is going to make you keep pushing through fatigue and your max intensity will go down, but you’ll have to keep moving. Intervals like this can even be used to improve your endurance!

There are just so many variations, but it is important to remember that work to rest intervals can be manipulated and it isn’t always about going longer!

3. Do One More Rep Or Just A Little More Weight Than Last Time

Too often we keep repeating the same workouts, using the same weights. They “feel” challenging, but we aren’t constantly making the effort to do more.

And while something may “feel” challenging, it doesn’t mean it is really creating change in our body.

So if you track your workouts, you can make sure to do just a little more each and every time. Just one more rep. One more pound.

Little incremental changes keep us moving forward and constantly challenged. And when our body is challenged we get results.

HOWEVER, you want to make sure you are tracking the changes and not changing too much too fast or you’ll end up injured. One more rep. 5 more pounds…Slow changes lead to big results!

Just keep pushing forward and don’t get comfortable where you are at!

4. Include Density Training

I LOVE density training. I think it is a great way to push past plateaus, especially if you are tracking and plan to do one more rep, one more pound each and every time!

So what is Density Training?

Density training is what many people call AMRAP. You are trying to do as many reps, as many rounds with as challenging a variation (or as much weight) as you can in a set amount of time.

Too often though it becomes about only doing more rounds in that same amount time. BUT you’ve got to also think about challenging yourself more with weights and variations during that time!

Say your rounds or reps go up from the week before. Then maybe add some weight. If your rounds go down, keep that weight until you get them back up.

Change up how you’re challenging yourself but set a time and push hard. Track what you get.

By pushing for more each and every time, you break down muscle tissue and BURN MORE CALORIES!

PLUS, density training has a great after workout “burn.” What this means is because of the intensity and muscle damage created by the workouts, your body burns more calories after your workout to rebuild.

This is why all of these tips are actually so key…THE AFTER BURN. All of these tips help you break down more muscle tissue to not only help you gain more lean muscle mass but BURN MORE CALORIES EVEN AFTER YOUR WORKOUT IS OVER!

Your body has to burn more calories when you are resting and recovering to repair the damage you created DURING your workouts!

This is also why longer workouts aren’t necessarily better…Hormone levels start to work against you after an hour in the gym AND you probably aren’t giving yourself enough time for your muscles to repair and rebuild!

5. Focus On Upping Your Intensity NOT Your Time

As I just mentioned….It isn’t about how long you spend in the gym, it’s about how hard you go and how much you challenge yourself.

15 minutes at a high intensity is better than an hour at half the intensity.

You may now be thinking, “Well if I spend an hour going at 100% intensity…”


Unless you are there for an hour because your rest intervals are so long after a super intense bout, you aren’t going to be working out intensely for that entire hour.

So why waste time NOT going at 100%?

Hey if you really want to spend an hour at the gym, use time to work on your mobility. Roll, stretch and activate. But your INTENSE WORKOUT, should be quick and challenging.

Use the other 4 tips to help you get more out of less time.

And find ways to push yourself harder. 

Often beginners struggle to really be able to push themselves at 100%. That is where the “do one more rep” each time comes into play. If you have that attitude even each round of the workout, you’ll learn to push yourself harder.

Your head will often give up before your body has to.

Part of working out is getting more comfortable being uncomfortable.

If you can start implementing these 5 Tips For Faster Results in your workouts, you’ll start getting better results, FASTER with a routine that helps you stay consistent because it will fit your busy lifestyle!

And if you want a done-for-you-program using these 5 Tips For Faster Results, check out my 20-Minute Max Out. I’ve tried and tested these workouts on myself and clients to make sure you get faster, better results! So stop stringing together random moves simply trying to make “hard” workouts and get results with a PROVEN PLAN!