ACTIVATION Is My Pull Up Secret!

Practice makes perfect.

But more importantly SMART practice makes perfect.

If you keep repeating the same poor movement patterns, recruiting muscles that can’t handle the load, you’ll simply end up with injury from your practice instead of reaching your ultimate goal.

That is why ACTIVATION WORKOUTS are so key to include, especially when working toward improving your pull ups.

They aren’t the sexiest of workouts. They for sure aren’t the most sweat-inducing, blood-pumping, gnarliest workouts you’ll ever do.

But they may be the most essential.

If you’re looking to improve your pull ups, you’ll want to try this Activation Workout from my 30-Day Pull Up Challenge.

Activation Workout #2

…Got a super sexy name for this workout too right!?! 😉

pull up isometrics

Foam Roll:
Chest/Lats/Upper Back/Forearms


Complete 3-5 rounds of circuit, resting as needed. After completing the first circuit, rest then complete 2-3 rounds of Pull Up Holds. Try to go from one hold to the other if you can. If you can’t, reset between holds but try not to rest too long. Stretch and roll out after all rounds are complete.

Circuit #1:
5 reps each side Thoracic Bridge with Sit Thru
10 reps 3-Way Scapular Band Fly*
10-15 reps Scapular Push Ups*
10-15 reps Pull Down*
* See these moves here.

Circuit #2:
15-20 seconds Pull Up and Hold**
15-20 seconds Mid-Pull Up Hold**
15-20 seconds Dead Hang**
Up to 1 minute Rest between rounds
**See these moves here.

Remember this is a workout to get everything working properly and the big muscles of your back engaged and working. This is the time to build that mind-body connection and learn to recruit and contract your muscles.

With the holds, you can go through all three; however, you can also focus on your weak point and focus on only one or even two of the holds.

Ready to get your back activated and working correct so you can improve your Pull Ups?
Check out my 30-Day Pull Up Challenge!

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