The 21-Day Posture Fix

Improve your posture by spending just 10 minute a day during this 21-day challenge.

10-Minutes A Day

All you need is 10 minutes a day to start getting results. These workouts include foam rolling, stretching and activation moves you can do in just 10 minutes!

Loosen Up Tight Muscles

Do these workouts anywhere! These 10 minute workouts can easily be done at home, work or even when you travel as they require basically no equipment.


A Three Step Program

Foam roll, stretch and activate. If you want results, your program needs to include all three steps. Follow our 3 step program and improve your posture.

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What Makes The Posture Fix Work?

The 21-Day Posture Fix will help you get results in just 10 minutes a day by using our 3 Step Injury Prevention Program – Foam Roll, Stretch and Activate. Including all three pieces is key to getting quick results because it allows you to loosen, realign and activate to get the correct muscles working and improve your posture.

Plus with our Posture Fix workouts, we target not only the direct points of pain, but also the usual areas that cause the pain. All too often we get caught up in addressing the exact points of pain.

But where we FEEL the pain isn’t necessarily the place CAUSING the pain or problem.

Even though you have neck pain just focusing on your neck won’t be enough. Just getting a neck massage won’t be enough. It may feel good, but it won’t correct the problems and imbalances that could be leading to the neck pain.

That is why our 3 Step Program gets results.

We include foam rolling, stretching and activation moves that address not only the pain but the other imbalances that may be causing dysfunction up and down your body.

And these workouts can be done anywhere and require only basic equipment and household items, making them easy to even do at work or when you travel!

Below is a sneak peak inside the program.

Address Those Problem Areas

Whether you have wrist, low back or neck pain or simply want to stand up taller and feel better, this 21-Day Posture Fix can help you out. Each workout address different areas that may have become tight or achy from sitting hunched over all day!

Take The Posture Fix With You Anywhere!

When you get your digital guide, you will be able to use it on any device.

And because these workouts require little equipment, a ball, towel and mini band or resistance band that you can take with you, you can do these workouts anywhere.

They are perfect home workouts or even hotel room workouts for when you travel. You can even do them right at your desk! And all you need is 10 minutes.

So start improving your posture today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Types Of Workouts Are Included In The Posture Fix?

All of the workouts in the Posture Fix include foam rolling, stretching and activation exercises. These moves will help loosen tight muscles and then get them activated.

Plus all of the workouts take about 10 minutes. Some workouts include moves done for time while others include exercises done for reps.

All will focus on common areas of tightness and inactivity that can cause dysfunction, imbalances and pain. They will then work to correct these imbalances to alleviate your pain. Each day also has a different focus so, no matter your pain, there will be a workout to address it!

What Equipment Do I Need?

All you need is your bodyweight and a ball, towel and mini band or resistance band. If you have a foam roller, you can use that as well!

What Makes These Workouts Work So Well?

These workouts are specifically designed to help prevent and alleviate common aches and pains caused by sitting hunched over a computer for 9 hours a day.

They work so well because of our 3 Step Program – Foam Rolling, Stretching and Activation. If one of these pieces is missing, you won’t get the long-term results you want!

We also address, not only the specific point of pain, but the other areas of your body that may be causing the pain. Because just because you have a pain somewhere, doesn’t mean that exact spot is causing the problem.

Dysfunction and imbalances elsewhere can lead to pain up and down your body!

What If I Need Help?

With the 21-Day Posture Fix, you get 24/7 email support and have access to our Private Facebook Group.

So if you have a questions, don’t hesitate to message us or post in the group and we will help you out. Whether you need modifications or simply don’t understand something, we will help you out!

How Long Do These Workouts Take?

All of these workouts are about 10 minutes in length. If you take a long time to review the workouts or transition between moves, they may take up to 15 minutes. But they can also take as few as 8 minutes if you know the workouts and review the moves ahead of time.

You are also able to break up the workouts throughout the day if you have a spare minute here or there. You don’t have to even set aside 10 minutes straight to get these workouts in!

Do I Have To Be An Advanced Exerciser To Do These?

Exercisers of any level can do these moves. They are meant for anyone with a desk job!

If you sit at a computer or drive a lot, this program was designed with you in mind! Plus if you ever need help, you can always email us.

Check Out Some Of The Workouts

Here are some of the great workouts inside our 21-Day Posture Fix.

These workouts will target some common areas of tightness.

Below is a great one to open up your chest and hips while activating your glutes and back. Another will stretch your hips and activate your glutes while the third will help prevent and alleviate wrist and elbow pain.

The Core-Focused Fix

This workout is the opposite of what you do seated at a desk all day. It will stretch out your chest and hips while activating your back, core and glutes!

The Hip/Glute Fix

This workout targets your hips and glutes to loosen and activate to help prevent low back and hip pain. The activation circuit is sure to work those glutes!

The Wrist/Elbow Fix

Wrist and elbow pain can be caused by sitting in flexion at a computer all day. This workout will loosen up your forearms and help alleviate your pain.

Bonus Materials!

Along with your guide, you’ll receive a 30-day FREE Elite Workout Library Trial (usually $47/month).

In the Library are other workouts to help you focus even more on building core strength and activating those glutes. Whether you want follow along workouts, video courses or e-books, our Library has it!

You’ll also gain access to our Private Facebook Group. Plus, you can always email me, Cori, at [email protected] any time for help!

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