Adjust Your Nutrition WITHOUT Restriction, To Feel Absolutely Amazing At ANY AGE.

Because one size doesn’t fit all and so often forcing one mold onto ourselves is what holds us back.

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Sick of feeling frustrated because you’re training hard but not seeing the results you want?

Then it’s time to start The Metabolic Shred.

Struggling with that stubborn fat that just doesn’t seem to shift no matter what you do? Are you ready to get lean and feel extra fabulous this year?

Then it’s time to start the Metabolic Shred. This program will teach you to adjust your nutrition without restriction to feel amazing at ANY age.

First, you’ll set your goals and outline your roadmap to success.

Because one size doesn’t fit all, it’s key you learn to meet yourself where you’re at to make sustainable changes to your diet that don’t leave you hungry or deprived. This plan will help you balance your lifestyle with the habit changes you need to see results!

Because adjusting your nutrition shouldn’t mean feeling miserable!

Second, you’ll start making those small changes. And NO! This doesn’t mean cutting out your dessert or salty snack or morning coffee with cream…

You’ll first start by determining your macros method so you can work in the foods you love and enjoy meals out with friends and family.

And if you’re thinking, “Tracking macros is so overwhelming!”

Don’t worry! This program has 3 easy tracking preferences so you can track in a way that works best for you…

  • Macro Cycling
  • Minimalist Macros
  • Plate and Hand Portions

Third, you’ll learn how to adjust as your body, needs and goals change over time.

Our lifestyle isn’t standing still, and our diet shouldn’t either.

The Metabolic Shred will guide you so you can bust through plateaus and even navigate different phases of life – whether you feel like what used to work isn’t working any longer as you get older, you’re struggling to lose the baby weight or you want to fuel your performance while still losing fat and gaining muscle – there is guidance to help you adjust.

Lastly, while we all want to look our most fabulous no matter our age, we also want to FEEL amazing and improve our health.

In the Metabolic Shred, the Dietitian’s Corner and Everything Macro 101 sections will help you learn to take care of your body and improve your health. 

Whether you have a specific health concern and want to improve your gut or thyroid health, or you’re just trying to tighten up the loose skin that can occur as we lose weight or get older, there are tips to help you truly feel extra super fabulous as those results snowball!

Soooo now…

What’s Included With The Metabolic Shred ?

Here’s what you’ll get!

Everything Macros 101

Learn not only WHAT to do and HOW to do it, but also WHY to make specific changes. It’s key we understand what we PERSONALLY need. That’s why I don’t try to make clients dependent on me. I want to EDUCATE and provide them with the knowledge they need to make lasting changes.

In this section, you’ll learn how to make lasting lifestyle changes and understand those nutritional fundamentals to help adjust your diet as your needs and goals change. You’ll also better understand the 1% improvements that can really pay off! 

This section covers…Intermittent fasting, pre and post workout nutrition, cheat days, refeeds, dieting breaks, busting through plateaus, staying hydrated, gut health, managing traveling and more…


3 Macros Methods

Whether you’re an experienced macro tracker or intimidated by the idea of tracking, you’ll be able to adjust your portions to build your leanest, strongest body at ANY age with my 3 macros methods…

  • Macro Cycling
  • Minimalist Macros
  • Plate and Hand Portions

This program goes over not only how to cycle ratios based on your needs and goals, but how to track in different ways.

Our plate and hand portions will also help you learn to eat more INTUITIVELY according to your needs and goals with visual portion guides and workbooks.

Macros To Refine Aging

Too often we feel that our AGE defines us. But we can get lean and strong at any age. It is NEVER too late to make a change. 

BUT our needs DO change as we get older and what used to work may not work any longer.

That’s why it’s key we learn how age impacts our diet and the portions we need to see results!

Getting Started Roadmap Workbook

Set your plan for success and have everything mapped out so you know exactly the actions you’ll take to meet yourself where you are at! 

Stop forcing yourself to fit some arbitrary dieting mold.

Create the healthiest version of YOUR lifestyle to see results faster!

Dietitian’s Corner

We want to look amazing but we also want to feel fabulous and healthy until our final day on this planet!

My Dietitians have created resources to make sure you’re adjusting your diet to improve your health.

Whether you have thyroid issues, food intolerance, autoimmune conditions, or simply want to improve your SLEEP, they’ll give you nutritional strategies to help!

Recipes, Meal Planning Guides And Cheat Sheets

Changes are HARD. But I want you to have no excuse not to be able to take action and see results. That’s why you’ll find amazing resources to help you take action no matter where you’re starting from.

Whether you need help with…Building Macro Friendly Meals, Quick Snack Ideas, Tips To Increase Fiber, Macros And Micros To Improve Bone Health, Tips To Increase Your Protein, Ways To Increase Your Micronutrient Intake, Or Even Help Navigating Emotional Eating and more…

You’ll find resources and cheat sheets to help!

Get Everything Listed Above PLUS These Fabulous Bonus Materials…

N BONUS #1: Managing Period Cravings – Adjusting Your Nutrition With Your Cycle

N BONUS #2: Pre and Post Natal Nutrition

N BONUS #3: Redefining Aging Protocols

N BONUS #4: Endurance Sport Macros

In this program, I want to provide you with resources to truly meet yourself where you are at. Because one size doesn’t fit all and so often forcing one mold onto ourselves is what holds us back. That’s why you’ll receive these materials for specific times of our life or changes to our training routines! My dietitians and I have gone in depth in all of these sections!

When you join The Metabolic Shred, you can invest with confidence because you’ll always be covered by our money back guarantee. In the extremely unlikely event we can’t help you in 30 days we’ll refund your Metabolic Shred Purchase!

This is a One Time Fee For Unlimited Access

I want you to not only use the program but refer back to it as you need as your body, needs and goals evolve.

It is about constant changes based off of us creating sustainable habits.

Checkout below and kickstart those results today. You’ll then see a few other bonus protocols I’ve found super helpful for clients.

I’ve listed options to complement the Metabolic Shred based on what YOU need to tailor your diet to match exactly YOUR NEEDS AND GOALS!

So don’t wait… Start seeing the progress you deserve and build your leanest, strongest body EVER to feel your most fabulous!

that stubborn fat that just doesn’t seem to shift no matter what you do? Are you ready to get lean and feel extra fabulous this year?

Then it’s time to start the Metabolic Shred. This program will teach you to adjust your nutrition without restriction to feel amazing at ANY age.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are workouts included?

No. This is not a workout program. This is all about adjusting your diet to complement your workout routine even as your workouts change over time!

We can’t out exercise our diet for fabulous fat loss results. That’s why this program helps you learn how to adjust your nutrition no matter your training!

What if I don’t feel comfortable using a food tracking app or counting macros?

This program is for you! 

While we do go over macro cycling and minimalist macros approaches as you even feel ready to track or count macros, I’ve also included my Plate and Hand Portion methods to help you adjust those portions without a food tracking app!

Does this work for women in menopause?

YES! Under the Redefining Aging section we go over adjusting your diet as your needs change with age.

You may also want to add on the Conquering Menopause Mini Course for even more information on navigating the changes and symptoms of perimenopause and menopause as well! You’ll find that offered as an option to add on!

What if I'm injured?

Our diet is EXTRA key during times we aren’t training the way we want. And these macros can help you still keep progressing on your fat loss and weight loss journey even if you can’t train the way you usually would.

Not to mention, adjusting our nutrition can even help us recover faster!

I have specific health concerns…will this work for me?

As a controlling trainer with Dietitians on my team, we always advise working with us in coaching first if you do have specific health concerns you aren’t sure how to address with your nutrition.

But we do go over the basics of adjusting your diet for autoimmune issues, diabetes, emotional eating and more in our Dietitian’s Corner if you are well versed overall in what you need and just want some guidance to keep moving forward on your own!