Your Dream Body At Your Fingertips

Achieve amazing fat loss results, build your strongest, leanest body and create unstoppable habits no matter the stress or craziness life throws your way even if every other plan or program you’ve tried before has failed!

Overcome Those Excuses With This Amazing Workout Blueprint

You’re busy…

You have better things to do with your time than trying to create workouts, wondering what will be best for your needs and goals.

Your attention is already pulled in so many directions, prioritizing work and family life.

You’re not willing to waste any more of your precious time and energy guessing at what works.

Plus…What the heck should you be doing anyway!?!

It’s so confusing trying to figure out what is “right”…

✅ Do Hours of Cardio
❌ Don’t Do Cardio
❌ Don’t do HIIT
✅ Lift Heavy
❌ Don’t Lift Heavy

How many reps? How many sets? What moves are best? What equipment should you have?

How many times a week should you train!?

AH! The options and opinions seem endless.

It just doesn’t feel worth it to try to figure out what you need. 

But you’re also sick of feeling like nothing works…

Like you’re spending hours in the gym…

Pushing yourself super hard…

Yet results aren’t happening!

You want to look like you train as hard as you do!

You DESERVE results!

You want to FEEL lean and strong and have anyone you meet ask you how you look so fabulous and stay so fit while balancing everything….

    The Time Is Now

    You’re an action taker and unwilling to let your age define you.

    You refuse to look and feel old.

    You’re going to age YOUR way.

    You want to be that beastette who gets the compliments…

    “I just wish I had your arms!”


    “Your ab definition is amazing!”

    You’re determined to even look better than you did in your 20s and achieve the strength and tone you know you deserve.

    And these results happen because you have workouts that match your current lifestyle – that take the guesswork of figuring out what to do!

    But it’s not enough to just look amazing. You want to FEEL amazing too.

    You want to feel energized and like you can conquer the world.

    You’re not just wanting to look thin…You want to be STRONG.

    You’ve got a busy life and you want to juggle everything with the energy to make it look EASY!

    You know what I mean?

    That’s why you want workouts easily accessible at your fingertips whenever you need – whether you’re training at home, pushing those weights at the gym or traveling and need something quick in your hotel room!

    You want workouts that help you rock those results and feel like your training is truly paying off…

    You’re ready to know what to do and have the plan laid out for you….

    You’re not going to waste time on free workouts that you randomly string together.

    You’re not going to be one of those people training harder.

    You’re going to train smarter because you know that systems will build your results!

    You’re ready to get the help you need to reach your PERSONAL fitness goals with workouts that are constantly evolving as you do!

    And all I can say to that is…

    HECK YES!” Let’s do this!

    Because I know where your commitment will lead.

    I spent YEARS struggling to know what workouts to do…

    Falling prey to the DO MORE attitude.

    I’d spend hours in the gym, randomly stringing together workouts I found.

    I was so focused on adding in more reps and sets.

    Constantly going back and forth between doing MORE cardio…

    MORE strength….


    I was just trying to out exercise time and wanted results desperately.

    But all this hard work got me was FRUSTRATION.

    I ended up burned out.

    I felt like NOTHING would ever work for me.

    I honestly even looked at myself in the mirror one day and thought, “I look like I don’t even work out!?”

    I was GAINING fat despite training hard.

    And I felt weaker and more exhausted than ever.

    I found myself even binge eating more because I was so miserable.

    It was only once I got injured that I realized I needed to step back and have a BLUEPRINT in place if I wanted to see results.

    As hard as it was to trust doing LESS, I needed to start focusing on a clear plan if I wanted to more forward.

    I stopped buying plan after plan…

    I stopped the random workouts…

    And I stopped doing more.

    Only then did I create my Dynamic Strength Blueprint which I now use with clients around the world to help them also get the results they deserve no matter their age!

    I wanted to help others like me – people frustrated by their lack of results, sick of overtraining and at times not even knowing how to get started…

    People that DESERVE results


    Now you may be thinking…

    “Well That’s Great Cori But You’re A Trainer”

    Will this Dynamic Strength Blueprint work for me?

    And I get that fear…nothing has worked for you in the past.

    But I honestly tell clients all of the time – “I’ve made all of the mistakes so you don’t have to!”

    I’ve taken everything I’ve learned personally, and all of the training mistakes I’ve seen my clients make at my gym and training online, and I’ve found a SOLUTION to help us all move forward.

    And it is very simply having that clear BLUEPRINT. 

    Systems are what build results.

    This isn’t sexy.

    It’s not some 6 minute abs fix.

    YOU have to put in the work to see the results.

    No one can do that for you.

    A blueprint just gives you the clear plan so you know exactly what you need to do.

    Because you’ve got more important things to do with your time than to spend it trying to shift through all of the shiny objects and information overload out there.

    You can leap ahead in building those sustainable habits by following a SIMPLE, but not easy blueprint.

    Here’s why having that blueprint will help you achieve the results you deserve…

    My clients have proudly called themselves beastettes as they love the strength they feel and see growing each and every day!

    Because they’re not only losing inches and fitting into clothing they thought they’d need to throw away, they’re tackling challenges they’d thought were beyond their reach when they were younger!

    Hard Work = Results

    Motivation is Overrated

    Now you may be thinking “Ok but they were all just motivated to change. I just don’t seem to have the willpower.”

    And so many of us have felt this way.

    We start something to only stop it a week or so in.

    We try to search for more motivation. We try to FORCE ourselves to keep with habits that feel unsustainable.

    And it’s because we aren’t….

    1. Actually assessing our lifestyle to meet ourselves where we are at
    2. Setting Implementation Intentions!

    The Blueprint

    Set Implementation Intentions

    A blueprint and plan makes us follow through. It gives us CLARITY on what we need to do.

    It shows us where to go to reach our goals so we don’t feel overwhelmed by the unknown.

    It is having a plan laid out ahead of time to help us follow through and in a way that actually BUILDS results.

    Because we WON’T always be motivated.

    A study in the British Journal of Health Psychology found that...

    91% people who planned their intention to exercise by writing down when and where they would exercise each week ended up following through. Meanwhile, people who read motivational material about exercise, but did not plan when and where they would exercise, showed no increase compared to the control group.”

    Capitalize on the motivation you feel right now to make a change.

    Set that blueprint to know what you need to do because you KNOW you’ll then do it.

    It’s all about having those tools and plan in place to create those lasting habits and become the beastette you are!

    And that’s why I want to invite you to join my Dynamic Strength program.

    This program will give you the blueprint to achieve the results you deserve.

    And it will cost you less than a $1/day.


    What’s Included?


    Have workouts to match your needs and goals at your fingertips whenever you need so you always have a plan to hold you accountable.

    Each month you’ll get 5 workout progressions with options to adjust and tailor them not only to your schedule but the equipment you have to use.

    These progressions will include advanced and baseline options as well as bodyweight and more full gym designs.

    You’ll even find a bonus “speciality” progression that will help you when you’re short on time or need to do that bonus work to improve your mobility, glute gains, core strength or conditioning!

    Training Tracker

    Tracking our progress is key to see our growth over time! We need to celebrate those wins along the way!

    With your workouts you can record your reps, sets, times, weights and more to see your strength and conditioning improve.

    It’s key we track our progress to help us build those results and keep us moving forward toward our goals!

    And you’ll feel good, or at least chuckle, the first time the app tells you that you’ve now lifted an elephant 💪

    Nutrition Management

    The best results happen when our diet and workouts work together.

    With the Dynamic Strength App, you can not only review your My Fitness Pal or Cronometer food logs, you can even use our picture food journal to help you adjust and tweak your portions to match your needs and goals!

    Take pictures of food labels, recipes, ingredients or your plate to enter into the food journal and make notes on how you felt or even the portions you consumed to hold you accountable.

    You’ll also receive Our Simply Satisfying monthly cookbook with 30 new recipes to try every month.

    What gets measured, gets managed! And if you have any questions, you always have access to the forum to get support!

    Improvement Optimization

    Feelings aren’t data. We need end dates and checkpoints to keep track of how we are progressing and give us an unbiased look at things.

    So often we can get down and feel like things aren’t working when we are actually moving forward! Having data to show us our results is key so we don’t give up when results are snowballing!

    Dynamic Strength revolutionizes your fitness journey through progress measurement. Track your achievements, bust through plateaus, set personal bests, and maintain workout streaks for unwavering motivation.



    Habit Development

     Creating new habits isn’t just about “doing” the things we should.

    It is about shifting our mindsets!

    Starting with your STRONG workbook, you’re going to be creating new habits and mindsets and shifting that identity to become the person you want to be as you build your dream body.

    You can set habit goals personally or participate in the habit focuses we set for our community in the app. These range from…


    -Sleep Habits 😴

    -Step Habits 🚶‍♀️

    -Relaxation Habits 😌

    – Journaling Habits 📓

    – Drinking More Water 💦

    – Fruit and Veggie Intake 🍎🥦

    The habits we focus on will shift over the year as we seek to learn more about ourselves and grow!

    Giving ourselves a single focus to make a change can be key to help us stay motivated and keep moving forward!



    Forum Support + Integrations

    You are not alone in this journey! If you have any questions, need that fist bump on a bad day or want to celebrate those wins, share in the forum.

    Here you’ll find a community working toward their goals just like you! We’re all in this together and here to support each other along the way. 

    So share and ask questions and seek to learn what you need to succeed and keep moving forward!


    Most macro calculators and calorie calculators don’t take into account your goals or preferences. Sure, there are generic goals like ‘lose weight’ or ‘gain weight.’

    The Dynamic Strength Macro Calculator provides you with calories and ratios based on your current workout routine, as well as any specific goal you’re working towards. Training for a race? Need a mini-cut ratio before a vacation or event? You’ll receive both the calories and ratios to follow. You won’t need to do any percentage calculations the calculator will lay out the protein, carbs and fat in grams.

    The ratios are also optimized according to your dietary preferences, such as plant-based, gluten-free, etc.

    You can cycle through these ratios and use the calculator as frequently as you’d like!


    “My workouts are already hard”

    And that’s great.

    But I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

    Hard individual workouts have nothing to do with you building strength and looking lean and toned.

    Your results have everything to do with your plan. Not your individual workouts.

    Soooo while I know NOTHING about cars…

    I wouldn’t pull out a component of a car and be like “This is a really nice new windshield wiper. That’s why my car drives smoothly!”

    You know it’s the entire engine and car working together that makes it work! (I know this even with my limited car knowledge!)

    The same thing can be said for our workouts.

    We can have great moves, great individual workouts that lead to NOTHING but us working really hard and feeling tired BECAUSE the full system isn’t in place.

    We just have one component.

    That’s why a blueprint is so key.

     It isn’t just individual sessions mapped out with everything from the mobility work to the strength and conditioning we need on any given day…

    It’s a clear progression mapped out that makes sure we’re doing what we need over the weeks and MONTHS!

    Everything needs to build and work together.

    Now you may be thinking…

    “Ok so I need a weekly schedule.”

    But just like I’ll never pretend to be an expert in cars, I’m not going to waste time trying to fix my engine if it isn’t working.

    I’m going to HIRE someone to do that.

    I’m going to use the expertise of someone who’s done the research and has the experience.

    I don’t want to waste my time.

    Because honestly I think that is one of the most dangerous things we can say to ourselves when it comes to our health and fitness goals…

    “I can do it myself.”

    What we see as us being strong, is really us holding ourselves back.

    We aren’t giving ourselves the support we need to move forward.
    We aren’t owning our priorities and staying focused on the things that are truly important to us.

    We are wasting time not using the expertise of another.

    But I know that is why you are here.

    Just like I said I’m not going to try to fix my car when it’s broken because, well, I’m DEFINITELY no car expert…and I don’t want to waste time or energy only making things worse…

    You are looking to take action, create those unstoppable habits and achieve your dream body NOW.

    You want something mapped out with PURPOSE – a workout plan that will meet you where you are at right now to help you build.

    And then, as your needs and goals change, you want workouts that will help you KEEP moving forward even when it feels like life is trying to sabotage you and keep you from your health and fitness goals.

    Now you still may be thinking…

    “Ok I’ve DONE programs before…And no plan has worked for ME.”

    And honestly, the cold hard truth of the matter is…

    You haven’t had something helping you create that consistency – BUILDING those habits that get you through the times life does its best to get in the way.

    You need a plan that is realistic and dynamic and that you’re able to adjust to you, your goals and your schedule!

    That’s where a blueprint can come in handy. It will allow you to meet yourself where you are at, and have that accountability.

    So often we simply don’t do something because there is no reminder, no true COMMITMENT to do it.

    But with a blueprint laid out, you know what is needed.

    Let’s DO THIS!

    You’re ready to step into your dream body. You’re ready to flex your bicep and feel fabulous.
    So what you need to do right now is…


    1. Click the button to choose your package.
    2. Download the app from the link you’re emailed
    3. Sign in and start training!

    Everything you need to build your leanest, strongest body and feel fabulous at every age will be at your fingertips whenever you need!



    • New Monthly Workouts (5 progressions)
    • New Monthly Recipe Guides (30 Recipes)
    • Custom Macro Calculator
    • Quarterly Challenges
    • Habit Development Tracker
    • Private Forum Support
    • Strong Systems Workbook
    • Strong Systems Masterclass
    • No Track Meal Plans
    • Exclusive Challenge and Event Discounts

    Yearly (Save over 43%)


    • New Monthly Workouts (5 progressions)
    • New Monthly Recipe Guides (30 Recipes)
    • Custom Macro Calculator
    • Quarterly Challenges
    • Habit Development Tracker
    • Private Forum Support
    • Strong Systems Workbook
    • Strong Systems Masterclass
    • No Track Meal Plans
    • Exclusive Challenge and Event Discounts

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need equipment?

    Nope! You’ll find workouts that use only bodyweight movements to ones that are perfect for a full gym. 

    And in every workout there are alternative moves listed to have options based on the tools you have on hand that day.

    How many days do I need to train?

    The best schedule is the one that truly fits our lifestyle.

    Whether you have time to train twice a week or 6 days a week, you’ll find options to help you adjust the progressions to match your training schedule.

    How long are the workouts?

    The workouts range over the months from 5 minute burners to hour long series. But in each progression, you’ll find ways to adjust so you can fit the time you have.

    Can I make this work on a busy schedule?

    We understand that many of our clients are busy working professionals with familial. career and relationship obligations, which means you have limited time and energy.

    That’s why when creating your program and discussing exercise, nutrition and training strategies, we take into account key lifestyle factors that affect your availability, such as how many times per week you can exercise, how much time you have for meal preparation, and which meals need to be planned around your family dinners and work meetings. By considering these factors, we can create a program that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

    Can I cancel at any time?

    There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. You can select to go month to month or there is a yearly option that lets you save over 43%.

    After canceling, you will be able to access your materials until the next scheduled bill date. However, after that date, you will no longer be able to use or access the platform.

    If you ever choose to come back though, your workout history will be there when you reactivate the app!

    Please note that there are no refunds available for fees already paid.

    Cancellation of a subscription or termination of an account does not entitle you to a refund for any unused portion of the subscription or any previous payments made.

    How do I use the app?

    Getting started is easy.

    1. Choose your package below (monthly or yearly)
    2. Download the Dynamic Strength app from the link you’re emailed (It’s available both for ios and android)
    3. Sign in and start training!

    Everything you need to build your leanest, strongest body and feel fabulous will be at your fingertips whenever you need!

    What if there are some exercises that I can't do?

    Before you start a workout, you can review all of the workouts to make sure you’ve selected the right plan for you as there are both advanced and baseline workout programs provided each month.

    You’ll also find alternative moves listed with exercises to help you adjust to what you need – whether you want to use a different piece of equipment or want to modify or progress a movement to match your current fitness level!

    What if I have a question about using the app?

    If you have any questions, you have access to our private forum right in the app. You can reach out here to ask any questions you have to implement the program to get support both from Redefining Strength and other app users!

    In addition to providing video tutorials on how to use everything, we also have live classes that walk you through how to use and get the most out of the app and workouts.

    Is this coaching?

    Dynamic Strength is a fully self guided program. If you are looking for coaching and a fully customized program click the link below.

    Click here to learn more about Custom Coaching

    What if I’m a beginner?

    Each moth there are new workouts designed for individuals of all fitness levels, whether you’re a complete beginner or have been exercising for years.

    Our Training Methods In The Press



    • New Monthly Workouts (5 progressions)
    • New Monthly Recipe Guides (30 Recipes)
    • Custom Macro Calculator
    • Quarterly Challenges
    • Habit Development Tracker
    • Private Forum Support
    • Strong Systems Workbook
    • Strong Systems Masterclass
    • No Track Meal Plans
    • Exclusive Challenge and Event Discounts

    Yearly (Save over 43%)


    • New Monthly Workouts (5 progressions)
    • New Monthly Recipe Guides (30 Recipes)
    • Custom Macro Calculator
    • Quarterly Challenges
    • Habit Development Tracker
    • Private Forum Support
    • Strong Systems Workbook
    • Strong Systems Masterclass
    • No Track Meal Plans
    • Exclusive Challenge and Event Discounts

    More RS Client Results



    • New Monthly Workouts (5 progressions)
    • New Monthly Recipe Guides (30 Recipes)
    • Custom Macro Calculator
    • Quarterly Challenges
    • Habit Development Tracker
    • Private Forum Support
    • Strong Systems Workbook
    • Strong Systems Masterclass
    • No Track Meal Plans
    • Exclusive Challenge and Event Discounts

    Yearly (Save Over 43%)


    • New Monthly Workouts (5 progressions)
    • New Monthly Recipe Guides (30 Recipes)
    • Custom Macro Calculator
    • Quarterly Challenges
    • Habit Development Tracker
    • Private Forum Support
    • Strong Systems Workbook
    • Strong Systems Masterclass
    • No Track Meal Plans
    • Exclusive Challenge and Event Discounts