Holy moly will you feel your core working in this bodyweight burner from my 28-Day Core Burner program!

Who needs fancy equipment when you have your own bodyweight!?!

And this takes under 10 minutes too which is the real quicker.

So if you want to work those abs…enjoy this Ab Burner!

Holy Ab Burner!

Set a timer for 20 seconds intervals and move quickly from one exercise to the next. Complete 4 rounds on a circuit then perform active rest for 1 minute before completing 4 rounds of the second circuit. Do not rest during the 20 seconds of work. Regress moves as needed to keep moving. Click on each exercise below to see a video demonstration and more information!

20 seconds Dolphin Plank
20 seconds Cherry Bombs
20 seconds Lower Ab Criss Cross

1 minute Fake Jump Rope

20 seconds Side Plank Stars
20 seconds Hinge and Twist
20 seconds Butterfly Leg Raise

 Love this workout?
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