If you want a quick bodyweight workout for your legs, butt, chest, shoulders, arms and abs, you’ll love this 20s Bodyweight Shred Workout!

Time how long it takes you and try to beat that time next week!

The 20s Bodyweight Shred Workout

For this workout you will do 20 reps of everything. For one-sided or unilateral moves, you will do 10 reps per side. Complete 3 rounds of each circuit, resting only as needed. Time how long it takes you to complete and beat it the final week! If you are short on time, set a timer and see how much you can complete in the time you have and/or simply complete 1 round of each circuit!

20 reps Squat Jumps
20 reps Alternating Front Lunges
20 reps Plank Jacks

20 reps T Push Ups
20 reps Plank Hip Dips
20 reps Full Sit Ups

20 reps Skater Hops
20 reps Dips Off Bench
20 reps Side Plank Oblique Twists


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