Alternating Front Lunges

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To do Alternating Front Lunges, start standing tall with your feet together. Then lunge forward on one side, dropping your back knee down toward the ground as you bend your front knee to 90 degrees. Sink as if moving to half kneel on the ground. Make sure to keep your weight in your front heel and your chest up.

All of your weight shouldn’t simply be going forward so you feel yourself loading your front knee. Make sure to load your front glute.

Then drive back off your front heel to come back up to standing in one fluid movement. If you can’t, make sure you don’t lunge out too far next time and also make sure to drive back through your heel.

Then lunge forward on the other side, again dropping the back knee down as close to the ground as you can. Move quickly, alternating sides and add weight if you want even more challenge!