Full Sit Up

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To do the Full Sit Up, you can do a variation where you reach up overhead as you sit up or you can reach toward your toes. Reaching toward your toes can help if you struggle to roll up and keep your abs engaged and working.

To do the Full Sit Up (with a reach toward the toes), lie back on the ground with your legs out straight and your arms overhead. You can also reach your arms up toward the ceiling if you want to limit the assistance you get from “swinging” your arms. Then roll to sit up, first lifting your shoulder blades then the rest of your spine and finally your low back.

As you “roll” up, reach your hands forward and toward your feet. Then lie back down, reaching your arms back overhead.

Repeat, sitting back up. If you struggle to sit up, you can hold light weights in your hands. The weights actually can make it easier.