Adductor Foam Rolling


To roll out your adductors, lie face down on the ground. You can use a ball or roller, but if using a ball, bend one knee out to the side at about 90 degrees and place the ball under the inside of your knee.

Resting on your forearms, rock your leg forward over the ball toward your quad and then back toward your hamstring. Hold on any tight spots.

Then move the ball up your inner thigh toward your crotch. Rock forward and backward again and remember to hold on any tight spots. You can even make small circles with the ball while holding.

As you move up your adductor, you may find it helpful to place the ball up on a book or two to help you dig in depending on your flexibility.

As you move up toward your hip, you will also want to work around the front of your leg into your quad a bit to make sure you hit all of the potential Adductor Trigger points.

Remember to spend more time on the areas that feel tight. Hold on those spots and make sure to revisit them whenever you roll out.