My name is Cori Lefkowith and the reason I can get my clients great results is because I’ve been the idiot that has made every mistake and experimented…Even with ridiculous things. I’ve been stuck in that diet and deprive, binge, guilt, binge, try a new diet cycle.

I’ve ignored injuries and pushed through only to end up more injured. I’ve gained weight and lost weight. I’ve worked out hard and then slacked off because I’m so burnt out.

And because I’ve made all the mistakes, I now know what works. That’s why I can help you.

I realize that each person has unique needs and no two fitness journeys will look alike.

I realize you’re going to slip up. That mentally sometimes you’ll want to give up or start beating yourself up.

I realize you may even be scared to start something new and get outside your comfort zone.

That is why I create programs for real people that meet their individual needs.

I’m more than just a ton of certifications. My knowledge is from real world experience, dealing with real people just like you!

I look forward to helping you on your journey!

How I Fell In Love With Fitness

My Latest Articles

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10 Weight Loss Hacks (That Actually Work)

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How To Fix Rounded Shoulders (4 EXERCISES)

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Hate Step Ups? Try this move instead!

Hate Step Ups? Try this move instead!

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