2-Way Leg Lowers

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To do the 2-Way Leg Lowers, place your hands behind your head as you lie back on the ground with your legs out straight on the ground. Bring your legs together. Crunch your upper body up and then tuck your knees in toward your chest.

Keeping your low back pressed into the ground then extend your legs out straight. Extend them out as close to the ground as you can. The closer to an inch or two off the ground you keep them, the harder the move will be. If you feel your low back taking over, kick them up and out higher.

Then after extending them out, lift your straight legs up toward the ceiling, lifting your butt an inch or two off the ground at the top as you press your feet toward the ceiling.

Then lower your legs straight back down and repeat the knee tuck. Make sure your low back doesn’t take over and that you keep your upper body crunched up and a space between your chin and your chest.