3 Glute-Focused Variations Of Basic Moves!

Every move you use in your workouts should have a purpose.

And if working those glutes is the point of your workout, then you should pick moves that help you accomplish your glute goals.

So I wanted to share these 3 variations of exercises you can include to strengthen and target those glutes.

You know how I’ve said squats are NOT the best butt exercise?

Well if you want a squat that IS more glute intensive, try the KNEELING SQUAT.

The Kneeling Squat doesn’t have the range of motion of the full squat and is a bit more hip focused while activating the glutes more than the traditional squat.

So if targeting those glutes is your goal, this weighted move can be key!

It can also be a great way to work on your strength for your jumps, running or deadlifts!

Another must-do moves is the LYING JACKS.

I mentioned a bit ago about doing the same, but different moves to challenge yourself. There are times you don’t necessarily want to continually add loads BUT you do need to find new ways to keep challenging your body if you want continued results.

That is why doing the same movements in different positions can  be key!

Often we do abduction standing or seated.

BUT we should also do it even prone with our hips hyperextended.

That is where the Lying Jacks come in!

This is both a reverse hyper AND an abduction movement.

This is a great way to work your glute max and your glute med to improve hip hyperextension AND abduction.

It will especially target those upper glute max fibers!

And the third variation I want to share, is the MINI BAND WALL SIT.

If you’ve ever had knee pain, this is a must-do move.

It will activate your glute medius while ALSO working those quads to build knee and hip stability. (If you’ve had knee pain AND IT Band issues, then this is even more important to include!)

Because there is no active flexion you can strengthen your quads without irritating those knees. Plus the mini band makes it more glute intensive than the basic wall sit.

So if you want to improve your glute training, start including these 3 moves!

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