Want to work your lower abs?

Try These 4 Lower Ab Exercises!

While your abs, or rectus abdominis, is technically all one muscle, you CAN use specific moves to target that lower region!

For many of us our lower abs are not only a region we’d like to “tone” but also an area many of us need to strengthen.

While all core and ab work does work the entire rectus abdominis, there are specific moves we can do to make sure we target that lower region more.

The 4 moves below are a great way to target your lower abs to prevent lower back aches and pains and even help you build defined, flat abs!

4 Must-Do Lower Ab Exercises:

Exercise #1: Long Lever Planks

A long lever plank is a plank in which you purposefully place your hands or elbows out in front or even walk your feet back so your abs have to work while in an EXTENDED plank position.

The Ab Wheel Roll Out is a great way to create an extended plank position. And so is the Body Saw.

body-sawTo do the Body Saw, set up in a Plank position from your forearms and toes with your feet close together. Your forearms should be right under your shoulders and your body should be in a nice straight line from your head to your heels.

Then begin to walk your feet backward, taking small steps. Keep your body in a nice straight line and don’t let your hips sag toward the ground. Lengthen through your triceps and lats as you walk back. Walk back as far as you can while keeping your core engaged.

Then walk your feet back forward until you are back in the Forearm Front Plank. Do not let your butt go up in the air as you walk your feet back in.

Repeat, walking your feet back out. Only walk out as far as you can without your low back engaging. If your low back feels this move, don’t walk out as far. Start with only a few steps.

Exercise #2: Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging ab exercises are an AMAZING full core move. And the best part?! They really work those lower abs!

To do the Hanging Double Straight Leg Lift, hang from the bar with your legs hanging straight down together.

Hanging Double Leg Raise

Then, with your legs together, lift them straight out in front of you. Do not let your knees bend as you lift. Even squeeze your legs together as you lift.

If you can’t lift them up to parallel to the ground, regress the move to the scissors or knee tuck to kick out. Move slowly so that you aren’t using momentum and control your legs back to hanging straight down.

Make sure to engage your lats as you lift your legs straight out in front of you.

Feel yourself curling your spine as you lift your legs to make sure you’re using your abs and not just your hip flexors.

Since these moves can be more advanced, you can modify by lying on the ground for a leg lift while holding onto a bar overhead.

This way you can still get the benefit of engaging your back, which can also help you make sure you’re engaging your abs and not letting your lower back take over!

Exercise #3: Dolphin Plank

The posterior pelvic tilt is a great way for even advanced exercisers to target their lower abs more. And one great plank variation that uses a posterior pelvic tilt to help you engage your abs better is the Dolphin Plank.

To do Dolphin Planks, set up in a plank from your forearms and toes (advanced) or knees (beginner). Make sure your shoulders are stacked over your elbows. Brace your core and engage your back as you hold your body in a nice straight line from your head to your heels or knees.

Then sag your hips toward the ground without completing relaxing onto the ground before rounding your back up toward the ceiling. You want to sag your hips only as low as you can without your low back taking over. You should feel your abs still engaging.

When you round up at the top, you aren’t simply sticking your butt up in the air. You want to round your entire back and perform the pelvic tilt. It is almost like you are doing the “cat” in the cat/cow stretch. Do not push backward too much as you do it. Keep your shoulders stacked over your elbows.

Then lower back down and sag your hips before rounding back up. Pause in each position to really feel your core working.

Exercise #4: Dip Hold Leg Raises

The more we can work our entire core as we target our lower abs, the better our results will be because we’ll be able to work more muscles in less time. And while leg lift core moves can be a great way to target your lower abs, they don’t always need to be done while lying down!

The Dip Hold Leg Raise, is a great way to work those lower abs and even your upper body!

leg-raisesTo do the Dip Hold with Leg Raise, start in the Dip Hold with your legs hanging straight down and together. Really drive down through your hands and do not shrug your shoulders.

Then, without your shoulders shrugging, raise both legs together straight out in front of you till your quads are about parallel to the ground. Feel your core and quads working to lift your legs as you hold yourself at the top of the dip.

Then lower your legs back down.

You may rock back a bit as you raise and lower, do not shrug your shoulders or really try and use momentum. Control the movement. Also, as you lift, you will want to flex your spine. If you don’t round your spine to engage your abs, you will really only use your hip flexors.

If the Leg Raise is too challenging, you may want to try a Knee Tuck or raise only one leg up at a time.

Ready To Build A Killer Strong Core?!

If you want to build a killer strong core, you need to include moves that work everything between your shoulders and your knees from every direction, targeting “problem areas” like your lower abs!

You also need to include moves that help you Activate, Integrate AND even use HIIT to not only build a strong core, but tone those abs!

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