90 Degree Rotational Hops

To do 90 Degree Rotational Hops, start standing tall facing forward with your feet about hip-width to shoulder-width apart. Then squat down, sitting your butt back and down. You can swing your arms back toward your butt, reach them down toward the ground or even keep them in at your chest. Keep your chest up nice and tall as you squat.

Then jump up, and as you jump, rotate to the right about 90 degrees. You want to really explode up off the ground and rotate as you jump.

As you land go right back into a squat to load for the next jump. Do not land with your legs straight. If you need to, you can pause after squatting down before performing another jump, but make sure that, when you land, you bend your knees.

As quickly as you can, jump back center. Again, sink right into the squat and then explode up into a jump and rotate 90 degrees to your left. Sink right back into a squat and then jump back center.

All four jumps make up one rep.  Repeat the move by performing another jump back to the right.

Move as quickly as possible, jumping and loading by sinking into another squat before quickly jumping again. Try not to pause between jumps each direction.

Beginners may need to pause or may not be able to jump as high. They may even perform a step instead of a jump each direction.