A Quick Mother’s Day Partner Workout!

So usually as a “present” when I see my mom, I put her through a workout.

She comes to visit me in Cali…workouts.

I go visit her in St. Louis…workouts.

That’s a nice gift…RIGHT!?! 😉

So just in case you want to show your mom some love today, try this PARTNER Mother’s Day Workout. Nothing brings a family closer than working out together!

The Mother’s Day Partner Workout

Set a timer for 30 second intervals and move right from one exercise to the next. Your only rest between the 5 rounds will be when you’re the standing partner in leg throws. It’s the perfect quick workout before brunch!

30 seconds per side Partner Get Up
30 seconds Partner Crawl Under, Jump Over
30 seconds Partner Footwork Shadowing Drill (switch who leads each round)
30 seconds per person Partner Leg Throws

For a video demo and description of all of these partner moves and more, click here!

Have fun with your Mom!