Adductor Squat Jump

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To do Squat Jump Scissors, set up with your feet about hip-width to shoulder-width apart. Squat down, sinking your butt down as you reach to touch the ground. If you can’t sink low enough, while keeping your heels down, to touch the ground, just reach as low as you can. Do not round over just to touch the ground.

Then as you jump up off the ground, bring your feet together at the top, using your adductors to draw them in. Click your heels then as you land, widen your feet back out so you land with your feet back about hip-width to shoulder-width apart. Make sure to sink right back into the squat and not land with your legs straight.

Then quickly repeat exploding back up. Beginners can modify by stepping their feet together as they stand up and then step back out as they sink down.