Alternating Side Taps with Rotation

To do Alternating Side Taps with Rotation, a dumbbell, med ball or sandbag works well. Hold the weight in both hands while standing tall. If using a dumbbell or med ball, you may want to bend your arms and bring the weight right in above your belly button.

Then reach one leg out to the side as you bend the other leg to slightly sit your butt back into a little lunge. Rotate the weight toward the side of the standing leg, but do not round forward. Keep your chest pressed out.

From here, quickly sort of jump and switch into a little lunge on the other side, kicking your other leg out to the side as you bring the other leg in and rotate the weight that way.

Move quickly and keep alternating reaching each foot out to the side as you rotate the weight outside the bent standing leg. Keep your weight pretty centered over your slightly bent standing leg. Rotate quickly from side to side, but don’t let the weight pull you.